Jun. 24th, 2017

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in order to keep everything nice and neat and tidy, i've decided that the best course of action is, naturally, an index of all the indexes! because i am apparently anal that way. so here it is. a single post that will contain links to all of the MSV fics i've got started. one of them is even finished! this will make it easier to keep everything together. and then there'll only be a need for one link on the sidebar instead of too many to fit on the sidebar.

i will be organizing fics by universe. because that just makes way too much sense to me. and since i flooded everyone's dash last night with indexes (sorry about that. i was trying not to do the flooding, but DW wouldn't let me hide the posts. ugh), i'm going to put all the links under a cut to keep things looking pretty.

i'm going to split this up by Universe. there are technically only three universes being explored here, but one of those can be divided into sub-genres. sort of. (i do not know the meaning of go small. everything is go big or get the fuck outta here)

The Index Index )

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