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in order to keep everything nice and neat and tidy, i've decided that the best course of action is, naturally, an index of all the indexes! because i am apparently anal that way. so here it is. a single post that will contain links to all of the MSV fics i've got started. one of them is even finished! this will make it easier to keep everything together. and then there'll only be a need for one link on the sidebar instead of too many to fit on the sidebar.

i will be organizing fics by universe. because that just makes way too much sense to me. and since i flooded everyone's dash last night with indexes (sorry about that. i was trying not to do the flooding, but DW wouldn't let me hide the posts. ugh), i'm going to put all the links under a cut to keep things looking pretty.

i'm going to split this up by Universe. there are technically only three universes being explored here, but one of those can be divided into sub-genres. sort of. (i do not know the meaning of go small. everything is go big or get the fuck outta here)

Marvel Universe:

everything in this section is based off of [personal profile] ginevrasm 's Mutant Sue Virus, which introduced everyone to five young women with extraodinary powers and a desire to use them for good. we won't talk about all of the bad mood thrown in for good, emo measure...

In the Name of the Goddess
sort of an origins story for the Mutant Sues. an old woman, well aware her time to leave this world is rapidly approaching, sits down with her grandchildren to tell them stories of a time when powerful gods and goddesses held dominion over the lands. though her daughter, a believer in the one God, disapproves, the old woman tells her tales anyway to ensure that the old gods, and herself, are not forgotten

The Flight of the Valkyrie
Remy LeBeau finds himself thrown back in time to the 1600s, when pirates ruled the seas. here, he encounters past versions of the people he cares about, all of whom mistake him for someone he is not. and when he gets drawn into the intrigue surrounding their lives, he has no choice but to go along for the ride. and hope like hell that his friends in his present can find him and bring him home before something horrible happens.

technically, the one showcases not only characters from the X-Men side, but other Marvel characters from across the universe.

Rebel Yell
a Civil War AU without powers. the North and South have collided and our five heroines are caught in the middle. will Southern girls fall for the charms of Northern men? will they lose everything they have? or will they gain more than they ever dreamed of?

Maiden Voyage
RMS Titanic made her historic, and tragic, first voyage in April of 1912. Titanic is the backdrop to this story, following the lives of a handful of passengers and a maid as they cross the ocean on the most luxurious and modern ship ever built. do they survive the tragedy? this is a story of love and hope in a time of great fear and peril. and, more importantly, its a story of strength and survival.

this one includes the Sues without their powers

No Man's Land
a war between humans and mutants has brought about the near extinction of mankind. now mutants rule the world. there are, of course, pockets of resistance, doing their best to take the world back from the mutants that would enslave them and use them to their own  benefit. one such enclave of mutants exists where Xavier's School for Gifted Children was once located. now called Blackhaven Manor, it is home to some of the strongest and most ruthless mutants on the East Coast. twisted by years of war, they rule their world with iron fists and woe be to anyone who dares try and stop them.

again, this one has characters from all across the Marvel universe. it is also a dark fic and caution should be taken as it includes topics such as incest, rape, torture, and pretty much whatever else i decide to add in.

The Avengers: the stories in this sub-section deal pretty exclusively with just the Avengers. one fic, and its offshoots, center around The Avengers in the MCU. there is also one that is set in the 616 comics universe.

The Mary Sue Virus: Avengers Assemble
a group of young heroes will be put to the test when the Avengers are unable to save the day. set in the 616 universe of the comics. vengeful trickster gods. invading alien forces. friendship and love and self-sacrifice. this story has it all.

The Mary Sue Virus: Lights, Camera, Avengers!
The Avengers and SHIELD are teamed up to stop HYDRA in their tracks. but HYDRA is working with Loki, and there are all kinds of misleading traps in store for our heroes. and, of course, Loki has it out for his brother. how do our heroes fare against the trickster god and HYDRA?

lots of fighting, some near death experiences, and misunderstandings fill this fic from beginning to end.

Blood Lines
set in Victorian London, vampires and werewolves are center stage in this fic. Alexis does not like being a proper young lady, which is evidenced by her propensity for lying in wait for thieves on the roads at night and besting them with her sword. a chance encounter plunges her headfirst into a world she never knew existed. and she finds herself falling for the strange man on the road. but there's the complication of an engagement and the fact that she's alive while he isn't to get in her way. at least, that's the way it seems. but the heart wants what the heart wants and the Fates, it seems, find a way to make it possible. now if she can just accept the will of the Fates, everything will be wonderful and amazing. too bad life doesn't work that way.

an AU of the LCA MSV

In the Dark
what if Loki and the Chitauri had won? what if their forces had been too much for the Avengers? this fic attempts to answer some of those questions. Loki wins and the heroes are scattered. only two countries have withstood the advances of the Chitauri and its a daily struggle for them to remain free. Nick Fury has taken the remnants of SHIELD and the Avengers underground, determined to defeat Loki and release the world from his hold. the only problem is, Loki is looking for Nick and the Avengers. and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

an AU of the LCA MSV. this one has weird twists and turns, so its best to pay heed to any warnings in the header.

set in the past, in a world where sexual slaves are commonplace. in fact, owning sexual slaves is encouraged. most people pay no attention to these slaves, but someone is paying attention to them. someone is taking slaves and murdering them, leaving their bodies for all to find. it is up to the King's best spies to seek the truth behind these murders and put an end to them. no easy task when no one has any information to give. but they're not the King's best spies in name only and they have a way to find the truth of the matter.

an AU of the LCA MSV. this world is lavish and lush, a combination of history and fantasy.

The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth
set in the past in a fantasy world, this story contains dragons and magic users and other mythical beings. a war has been waged for a long time now, a war that is slowly whittling away at the numbers of dragons that roam the lands. in an effort to protect themselves, the dragons hid themselves in plain sight, disguised as humans living human lives. but the hunters have been trained to find these hidden dragons. a handful of dragon warriors are racing time to save the remaining members of their kind before they're driven to extinction

The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth is an AU of the LCA MSV filled with shape changing, magic, battles, acceptance, and love.

Anita Blake:

The Mary Sue Virus: Beyond Death
Anita Blake, necromancer and human servant to Jean Claude, the Master of the City of St. Louis, is murdered on a darkened road by a group of vampires, lycanthropes, and humans who see her as a threat. but Anita knew of a threat to her life and took precautions. to keep everyone she loves alive, she uses the last of her energy and casts a spell with her dying breath that sees her powers and everything that goes with them transferred to two young women who happen to be with her when the attack take place. these two women, along with new friends, have to find their way through the twisted world that Anita lived in, all the while attempting to find those responsible for her death and trying to keep themselves from becoming the next victims.

there is a lot of gory, bloody imagery in this one. there are also a lot of twists and turns that hopefully keep the reader guessing until the very end.

Once Upon a Dream
Aedan Kinkade, Jean Claude's new human servant, has been sent back in time. she ends up finding her vampire master in his past but outside forces are conspiring to keep her from him. she has to find a way to keep herself alive while searching for a way to return to her own time. at the same time, her friends and lovers in the present are trying to find a way to bring her home. not to mention finding the person responsible for sending her back in the first place!

Merry Gentry:

The Mary Sue Virus: A Faerie Tale
Merry Gentry and her babies are dead, murdered by those who opposed her ruling Faerie. the men in her life, in mourning and greatly desiring revenge, have been called back to the sithen by the Queen of Darkness and Air. Goddess takes matters into her own hands and finds members of the Unseelie court who can take Merry's place. but troubles abound for our heroines and the rest of the Fae. an assassin is loose in the sithen. there are attacks being made on members of the Unseelie court. and there are those who have gone missing. can they figure out who is responsible for Merry's death and stop the assassin before someone gets hurt?

mystery and intrigue plague the Fae world, and its up to the Sues to find the answers

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Congratulations, sweetie!

"i do not know the meaning of go small. everything is go big or get the fuck outta here"

LMAO! Truer words, hun. ;)

When I want to "hide" stuff I make the post private (me only? whatev) until I'm done tinkering with it.

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