Mar. 13th, 2016

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Title:  MSV:  Dark Mirror

Fandom:  X-Men, Comics/Movie Universe, AU, Dark Fic

Rating:  18+

Warnings: (for the fic as a whole)  Violence, rape (including group situations), questionable consent, abuse, capitivity, angst, pregnancy (possibly more warnings to be added depending on where the dark urges take me.)  M/F, with M/M and F/F at least implied, other combinations possible as the story develops.  This is a "Dark Fic" meaning very bad things will happen.  Our usual heroes will be twisted into much darker versions of themselves.  Read at your own risk.

Disclaimer:  The recognizable characters used here are the property of Marvel Comics and the entities that currently hold the legal rights to use them.  The "Mutant Sues" or "Mary Sues" used herein are the property of their individual creators:  Ladydeathfaerie, Nanaea, Dazzledfirestar, SilverFoxChan, Ginevra, and Cat.  The idea of the "Mary Sue Virus" originated with Dazzledfirestar and she has been kind enough to let others play with it. Beta credit goes to the lovely and talented Ladydeathfairie. We make no money from this work.

A/N: This is a post-Apocalyptic universe where our Sues never crossed certain lines with their mentors.  A universe where human-mutant tensions spiralled out of control and detonated in world-wide destruction.  A world where survival trumps morality and promises can be very hard to keep.

Need to catch up?  Find the MSV: Dark Mirror Index post here.

Chapter Three: All or nothing... )
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