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to make it easier to keep track of and find chapters, i've created an index of all the links.

Title: The Mary Sue Virus: Beyond Death
Fandom: Anita Blake universe
Rating: 18 and up
Warnings: graphic sex and violence, language, anything else i can toss in.
Disclaimer: the recognizable characters and places contained herein are the property of LKH. i'm merely borrowing for the sake of entertainment. no money is being made from this venture. the Sues are the sole property of their originators, Ginevra, Dazzledfirestar, Nanaea, SilverFoxChan and ladydeathfaerie. the concept and title of The Mary Sue Virus are used with permission from Dazzledfirestar. all beta work, plot bunny shooting and ass spanking is being done by Gin.

The Mary Sue Virus: Beyond Death
ChapterTitleTimelineMajor EventsCharacters
PrologueAnitaday 0the attack on Anita as she's bringing Aedan and Minette to St. Louis. her death being the catalyst for the start of the Sues' journeysAnita Blake, Aedan, Minette
Chapter OneDeath and Rebirthday 0, 1Aedan Kinkade (ldf's Sue) and Minette Poulson (Gin's Sue) find themselves in the middle of the Anita Blake universe, being questioned by Dolph Storr and Zerbrowski about Anita's murderAedan, Minette, Dolph, Zerbrowski. Micah, Merle, Jason, Claudia
Chapter TwoA Slight Case of DeJa Vudays 1-4Aedan and Minette arrive at Anita's house to find the pard washed in sadness. Aedan can feel Damian in the basement, unable to rise from his coffin. Anita's services for her daytime and nighttime friends and the observations made at them. Jean Claude and Edward make their first appearances, approaching Aedan after Anita's funeral in order to speak with herAedan, Isis, Janika, Minette, Rhiannon, Edward, Jean Claude, Jason, Micah
Chapter ThreeMagic, Power, and the Call of the Wild
day 4there is a brief confrontation/discussion between Jean Claude and Edward, which the girls are all witness to. Aedan and Minette ride in the limo with Jean Claude and Edward and discover that she's passed on her powers to them. it is learned that Asher and Janika have been in a secret relationship for some time. the girls gather in the basement and Isis is drawn to Damian's coffin, where he's been trapped since Anita's death. she succeeds in helping him rise where Aedan failedAedan, Isis, Janika, Minette, Rhiannon, Edward, Jean Claude, Damian, Asher, Nathaniel, Richard
Chapter FourGifts of the Deadday 4Isis feeds Damian her blood, helping bring him back to himself after Anita's death. while Jean Claude has Damian reaffirm his oath to the master vampire, the girls head upstairs to an empty bedroom to discuss the events of the evening since leaving the cemetery. Jason and Minette share a kissAedan, Isis, Janika, Minette, Rhiannon, Jean Claude, Damian, Asher, Nathaniel, Jason
Chapter FiveThat Old Black Magicday 5Minette wakes up the next morning between Jason and Nathaniel. she heads down to the kitchen to find Isis and Rhiannon working on breakfast. an encounter with Jason makes Minette realize she's inherited more than Anita's powers. Aedan visits her apartment to find Edward inside, waiting for her. Jean Claude visits her at Animators, Inc. and tells her that they need to speak.Aedan, Minette, Rhiannon, Isis, Edward, Jean Claude, Jason
Chapter SixThe Circusday 5Aedan accompanies Jean Claude to the Circus where Minette is waiting. when they're all together, he explains that Anita has passed the arduer on to them and that they need to feed it. Minette has sex with Jason and Aedan has sex with Requiem while Jean Claude watches over them. the evening is interrupted when Aedan receives a phone call and has to go to a crime sceneAedan, Minette, Jean Claude, Jason, Requiem, Dolph, Zerbrowski
Chapter SevenThe Gory Detailsday 5Aedan visits her first crime scene. Jean Claude talk to Micah and Nathaniel about what Aedan and Minette and their new needs. Minette and Janika talk about the new development.Aedan, Janika, Minette, Jean Claude, Jason, Micah, Nathaniel, Dolph, Zerbrowski
Chapter EightThe Wolf and the Lionday 5Richard and Rhia are at his house. when she tells him to get himself together, a small argument ensues. it turns into a kiss that is interrupted when Jamil and Shang-Da arrive with an injured Andy. she does what she can to help. later, Richard wakes her from a dream and she ends up telling him about Jeremy, her old high school sweetheart and former fiance. Isis and Damian spend time together at her condo.  their conversation leads to a shocking realizationRhiannon, Isis, Richard, Jamil, Shang-Da, Dr. Lillian, Damian
Chapter NineTruth and Consequencesday 5, 6Isis and Damian continue their discussion involving the possibility Damian is the Pride's new Rex. Aedan returns from her first crime scene, utterly drained and emotionally raw. Nathaniel convinces her to discuss some of what she saw. Micah joins them and they talk about the arduer and the need for willing donors. Aedan tells Micah and Nathaniel to find her donors, then goes to shower. she breaks down in the shower and Minette comes looking for her.Aedan, Isis, Minette, Damian, Nathaniel, Micah
Chapter TenA Night to Rememberday 6Asher and Janika go out for a night on the town to The Hanging Gardens. Janika tells Asher a little about her family. after dinner, they attend the theater. their exit from the theater is watched by a homeless person. Rhiannon is presented to the pack as their new vargamor, hand picked by Anita in death. some members don't believe, so Rhia releases a show of power and channels the munin.Janika, Rhiannon, Asher, Richard
Chapter ElevenThe Mark of Powerday 7Jean Claude arrives at Anita's house to speak to Aedan and Minette about the marks. he explains that Anita has given them the marks he left upon her and suggests they both take the last mark. Aedan is hesitant and asks for time while Minette has no issues. Jean Claude leaves them both with a kiss, to which Aedan noticeably responds. Minette is confused by her friend's behavior and has troubles sleeping. Micah comes to her as she watches Aedan sleep. he pulls her away and they go have a bath. sex happens and they discover Minette is the pard's new Nimir-Ra.Aedan, Minette, Jean Claude, Micah, Nathaniel
Chapter TwelveDeny Him No Longerday 8Aedan, Jason, and the pard are enjoying a meal on the patio when Aedan decides its time she leaves, feeling she is too much of a distraction and annoyance to the pard. she's in her room, packing to go, when Jason comes up to tell her that the pard is under attack. Micah and Minette are chasing the other pard off. Aedan goes downstairs, gun in hand, to help protect the rest of the pard. Jean Claude arrives with other  vampires and helps put an end to the attack. he then instructs one of the attacking pard members to tell their alpha what will happen if they show up again. Minette recognizes one of the attackers as a member of her old pard. Jean Claude takes them all back to the Circus for their protection. Aedan and Minette take the last mark.Aedan, Minette, Jean Claude, Asher, Damian, Jason, Micah, Nathaniel, Merle
Chapter ThirteenThe Burden of Proofday 9everyone gathers at the Circus to hear the explanation of how Aedan and Minette have been given Anita's powers and memories. Augustine and Haven are there. when Jean Claude says Damian is the new Rex, Haven launches an attack that ends with him pinned by Damian. after being released, he demands the right to challenge Damian in a fight. Richard doesn't believe Jean Claude's claims and insists either Aedan or Minette call Jason to their side. Minette does so, convincing Richard of the truth of Jean Claude's words. Augustine demands more proof, prompting Jean Claude to release the arduer Aedan, Isis, Janika, Minette, Rhiannon, Jean Claude, Asher,  Damian, Jason, Richard, Micah, Nathaniel, Rafael, Augustine, Haven
Chapter FourteenThe Arduerday 9the arduer claims Aedan and Minette as its victims and sees them seeking companions for relief. Aedan goes for Rhiannon first, enraging Richard, bu instead chooses both Wicked and Truth. Minette chooses Rafael. after Aedan finishes, she asks Augustine if he's satisfied. he responds that he believes Jean Claude's claims, but doesn't understand why Jean Claude doesn't slake his own lusts. Jean Claude sets his eyes on IsisAedan, Minette, Rhiannon, Jean Claude, Wicked, Truth, Richard, Rafael
Chapter FifteenThe Intimacy of Dangerday 9Jean Claude has sex with Isis in front of Augustine. Rhiannon, being ridden by the arduer, has sex with Richard and calms him down. when they finish, the rejoin the group and Jean Claude tells everyone that Padma and Bell are coming to visit.Isis, Rhiannon, Jean Claude, Richard, Jason
Chapter SixteenPromises and Liesday 10Aedan goes to the RPIT offices to speak with Dolph and Zerbrowski and look at evidence. she notices something in the pictures taken at the crime scene that warrants further investigation and arranges to take Minette and Rhiannon to the scene. Gretchen threatens Minette and she's rescued by Requiem. he tells her he's interested in courting her. he also admits that she would offer him protection against Belle. she agrees and they have sex. after Requiem leads Minette off, Aedan confronts Gretchen about threatening Minette again. Jean Claude intervenes and tells Gretchen she will be attending to Belle and Padma after their arrival as a punishment.Aedan, Minette, Jean Claude, Requiem, Dolph, Zerbrowski, Gretchen
Chapter SeventeenFace Your Demonsday 11Rhiannon and Minette go to the crime scene with Aedan. Minette confirms that the murder was committed by something not of their world. Rhiannon is unnerved by the feeling of wrongness and evil at the house. Aedan uncovers the symbols in the floor, which she saw in the photos, and Rhiannon confirms they're protection symbols set in the shape of a circle. Rhiannon touches the floor and has a vision of the events of that night. after coming out of the vision, she confirms that a demon committed the murders.  Belle Morte and Padma arrive at the Circus Aedan, Minette, Rhiannon, Jean Claude, Asher, Requiem, Belle Morte, Padma, Micah, Zerbrowski
Chapter EighteenFriends and Enemiesday 12Minette and Micah discuss Minette's blossoming relationship with Requiem and just what kind of relationship they have. everyone gathers to have dinner, allowing both Belle and Padma to needle Jean Claude's people. the party is broken up when Aedan receives a phone call.Aedan, Janika, Minette, Rhiannon, Jean Claude, Asher, Requiem, Richard, Micah, Nathaniel, Jason, Rafael, Belle Morte, Padma, Carswell, Gideon
Chapter NineteenThe Silver Liningday 12Aedan slips from the Circus by herself to meet her caller, Edward. he takes her to a warehouse, where he's discovered a body. Aedan calls Dolph to report the murder. back at the Circus, Minette is worried about Aedan and Micah tries to calm her down. when Aedan returns, she stops by Minette's room to report there's a murdering going around who knows how to hurt lycanthropes. when Aedan hears about Andy's attack, she intends to go tell Richard, but Minette stops her and sends her to bed. the homeless man listens to Janika and Asher have sex outside her home.  Asher hears him and goes outside to investigate. the homeless man stabs him and runs away.Aedan, Janika, Minette, Asher, Micah, Edward, Dolph, Zerbrowski, the homeless guy
Chapter TwentyI'll Rest When I'm Deadday 12, 13Janika brings Asher back to the Circus. Aedan uses her powers to heal Asher, taking energy from Minette and Micah to feed into Asher. then she leaves the room and calls Edward, telling him he's going to take Merle to Janika's place and look for clues. Edward finds the knife used to stab Asher, which has ties to the murder scene Aedan visited earlier. after Edward and Merle leave, Jean Claude is determined to put Aedan to bed as its clearly obvious she needs sleep. he gives her a glass of rum which, when combined with her exhaustion, loosens her tongue a bit. she tells him he's got pretty eyes and that she's going to kiss him. she falls asleep before she does so. Micah, Minette, and Jason speak with Gideon and Carswell in the morning and MInette make plans to replace the energy used to heal Asher  by having sex with GideonAedan, Janika Minette, Jean Claude, Asher, Requiem, Jason, Micah, Edward, Merle, Gideon, Carswell
Chapter Twenty OneNo Rest for the Wickedday 13A holy man holds a conversation with one of his underlings about using street people in their quest. talk then turns to St. Louis and a demon's whores. Dolph is in the office. Zerbrowski suggests he goes home and sleeps, as he's been working on the murder all night. a package arrives, containing a note and a knife. the note claims the knife was used in an attack on a vampire. the note is anonymous. Dolph realizes there is a tie between his dead lycanthrope and the knife. Micah and Jason are trying to talk Minette into using someone else to pull energy from, not comfortable with the idea of her sleeping with Gideon. Minette admits that the leopards who attacked at Anita's house are from her old pard. Richard shows up, mad that he hasn't been told about the lycanthrope murder and intent on taking it out of someone's hide. Minette is in the line of fire until Aedan comes in and puts a gun to his head.Aedan, Minette, Micah, Richard, Jason, Dolph, Zerbrowski, the holy man, Peter
Chapter Twenty TwoPlaying Houseday 13Aedan threatens Richard's life. Nathaniel manages to talk her down and the group ends up telling Richard about the attack on Asher and how Aedan saved his life using power. that turns the conversation back to Minette having sex with Gideon to replace the used power. Aedan is sent back to bed.  Minette and Gideon have sex with Micah and Jason present. Minette feeds from Gideon and gives the power back to the pard.Aedan, Minette, Rhiannon, Richard, Micah, Jason, Nathaniel, Gideon
Chapter Twenty ThreeComplicationsday 13Aedan makes phone calls before going to bed, speaking to both Edward and Dolph. she tells Dolph she'll come in and talk to him, and his profiler, that night, when she speaks to Edward, she asks him to teach her friends how to use a gun. Padma breaches the agreement made when coming to St. Louis by harming a human meant to provide blood, then forcing Nathaniel to shift. Aedan shoots him twice. Belle and Padma leave. Aedan goes to see Dolph and meets his profiler. its Janika. Janika sees and senses some things when touching the files Dolph has compiled. she asks Dolph to send copies to her office and tells him she'll make him a detailed report after going over all of them. when they leave, Aedan warns her that someone is stalking her. Minette checks on Stephen and finds that Aedan was rough with him.Aedan, Janika, Minette, Jean Claude, Edward, Dolph, Micah, Stephen, Cherry, Belle Morte, Padma, 
Chapter Twenty FourQuest for the Truthday 13Dolph and Zerbrowski visit Jean Claude at Guilty Pleasures to ask about the dead lycanthrope. he asks what Jean Claude knows about Aedan and gets a very basic answer that brings Dolph's cop instincts to the surface. Jean Claude asks Jason to join them so he can look at the picture, but he doesn't know who she is. Dolph and Zerbrowski go to the coalition next. Dolph asks about the dead woman, then questions Minette about her old pard, Aedan, and Jean Claude. Damian tries to convince Isis to move into the Circus. they end up having sexIsis, Minette, Jean Claude, Damian, Micah, Jason, Dolph, Zerbrowski
Chapter Twenty FiveThe Price of Informationday 14Aedan, Janika, Isis, Minette, and Rhiannon meet with Edward for lessons on how to handle a gun. their lessons are interrupted when Aedan gets a call from Bert and she has to leave. Edward overhears the others talking and finds out that Aedan is Jean Claude's human servant. Edward gives Minette a ride home in order to question her about Aedan. Richard is waiting at the Circus when she gets back, ready to offer his seconds up as food for the arduer. Minette rips into Richard about not offering himself up, then explains what it was like for her in her old pard. Jean Claude tries to get information about Aedan by asking Minette to dinner, but his plans are interrupted by a phone call and he leaves Minette at a restaurant by herself.Aedan, Isis, Janika, Minette, Rhiannon, Jean Claude, Edward, Nathaniel, Micah, Jason, Richard, Jamil, Shang-Da
Chapter Twenty SixDirty Little Secretsday 14we get our first glimpse of the brother and sister team. she's on her knees in church, begging god's forgiveness while fucking herself on a silver candlestick. her cries of pleasure draw a priest to her side, who rushes off to find a nun to help. brother shows up and drags her away, leaving behind a puddle of blood and the twisted silver candlestick. Jean Claude calls Aedan at Animators Inc. and asks her to come to Guilty Pleasures. then he waits for her to arrive, Edward's gun trained on him. when she gets there, she makes Edward understand that she likes her place and position in Jean Claude's life and nothing is going to change that. Edward leaves, absolutely not happy with the situation. Edward goes to see Rhiannon to ask about how Anita passed on the marks, suggesting to her that he was looking for a way to rid Aedan of them. brother and sister fuck one anotherAedan, Rhiannon, Jean Claude, Edward, brother, sister
Chapter Twenty SevenThree Ring Circusday 15another training session with Edward. Aedan is pissed at Edward and it shows. Minette doesn't want to be around him. during the session, Isis reminds them of the fight between Haven and Damian later that night. when Rhiannon tells Aedan that Edward came to see her and was asking questions about the marks and spells, she pulls her gun on him. later that night, the fight between Haven and Damian takes place under the Circus' roof, under the big top. Haven cheats and shifts, prompting an all out battle between the lions with him from Chicago and members of the pack, pard, and rodere. after the fight is over, Nathaniel finds Rhia and kisses her. they're interrupted by Aedan calling for the UlfricAedan, Isis, Janika, Minette, Rhiannon, Jean Claude, Asher, Damian, Micah, Jason, Edward, Haven
Chapter Twenty EightDesire and Delusion, part oneday 15after the rush of the battle, every one breaks off to have sex.Aedan, Isis, Janika, Minette, Rhiannon, Jean Claude, Asher, Damian, Richard, Shang-Da, Nathaniel, the homeless guy
Chapter Twenty NineDesire and Delusion, part twoday 15the sex continues. the evening ends in the worst possible wayAedan, Isis, Janika, Minette, Rhiannon, Jean Claude, Asher, Damian, Richard, Shang- Da, Nathaniel, the homeless guy
Chapter ThirtyAftermathday 15Janika is shot by the homeless guy, who is caught by Wicked and Truth. Asher gives her the first mark to keep her alive. Dr. Lillian and Constance tend to Janika's wound while Jean Claude tends to the man responsible. once Dr. Lillian and Constance are done, Aedan and Minette go visit Janika. their visit is cut short by a phone call for AedanAedan, Janika, Minette, Jean Claude, Asher, Richard, Micah, Jason, Dr. Lillian, Shang-Da the homeless guy
Chapter Thirty OneThe Road to Redemptiondays 15, 16Aedan arrives at another crime scene. there are three bodies, all college students. all have had their heads ripped off, their tongues and eyes removed on top of having organs taken out. reporters ask questions when she leaves and Edward is there to help her get away from them. he takes her back to the Circus and Jean Claude. Minette takes Aedan out to eat and reads her the riot act about taking care of herself. Bruce and two other men from his pard show up to try and intimidate Minette. Bobby Lee and Claudia step in before it can get ugly. the holy man is looking at pictures and remembering. Peter comes in and questions him, and is sent away. the holy man wonders where he went wrongAedan, Minette, Jean Claude, Dolph, Zerbrowski, Clive Perry, Edward, Bobby Lee, Caudia, Bruce, the holy man. Peter
Chapter Thirty TwoVisions from Helldays 16Janika chats with Isis while recovering from her wound. they talk about Aedan and Isis' relationship with Damian. Jean Claude watches Meng DIe with the homeless man and decides to turn him as punishment for attacking Asher and Janika. Nathaniel visits Rhia at her apartment. they talk and she tells him about Jeremy. Nathaniel makes love to her. brother and sister engage in carnal relations after killing someone. he talks about what they'll do next. Rhia dreams of someone being tortured, then of a demon birth. Nathaniel wakens her and, when asked, she tells him she's seen her deathJanika, Isis, Rhiannon, Jean Claude, Meng Die, Nathaniel, the homeless guy, brother, sister
Chapter Thirty ThreeA Date With Destinyday 16Minette prepares for her date with Requiem with Jason's help. they see The Phantom of the Opera followed by dinner at an exclusive restaurant. Isis and Damian meet with the pride at the Lunatic Cafe to announce Damian is the new Rex. the pride is skeptical at first, but assurances that Aedan and the vampires will help make it possible for the pride to accept Damian. after the meeting is concluded, Damian senses that something is off when they leave the cafe to go home. Aedan is in the middle of a zombie raising when she gets a phone call. there's been another murder. another lycanthrope has been killed. it is here that Aedan realizes there are two killers and one is a shifter. Jean Claude arrives to take Aedan home. Dolph is not pleased with his presence. she tells him to mind his own business, then makes another pass at Jean Claude and falls asleep before anything comes of it.Aedan, Isis, Minette, Damian, Requiem, Jason, Dolph, Zerbrowski, brother, sister
Chapter Thirty Four, part oneAll the Old Familiar Faces, part oneday 17Aedan meets Christophe Boule and realizes there's more to him than meets the eye. Aedan introduces him to her friends and they talk about his reasons for being there. the holy man has an encounter with a woman in his life and we see more of who he is behind closed doors. Rhiannon joins the pack at the lupanar, where Richard proclaims Constance lupa. he also tells the pack that she's carrying his child. Rhiannon feels a rush of irrational rage and wonders at it.Aedan, Christophe, Isis, Janika, Minette, Rhiannon, Richard, Jason, Constance, the holy man
Chapter Thirty Four, part twoAll the Old Familiar Faces, part twoday 17Janika asks Asher what a human servant is. Asher asks her about her mother. he offers to find her mother and bring the two women together again. Janika takes the second mark.Janika, Asher
Chapter Thirty FiveA Day in the Lifeday 19Rhiannon and Nathaniel go on a picnic in the midst of a forest where Rhia can center herself. he asks her about witchcraft and, after they talk, they engage in some gentle kisses with the promise of more. Aedan and Christophe talk about how Death has shaped their lives. Janika goes through the files sent to her by Dolph to see if she can find links. she has visions after touching one file, the contents of which she cannot figure out. Isis, Minette, and Micah are at the Lunatic Cafe, talking about coalition things. its grown late and they decide to leave, only to realize that there's someone watching them. all three go on alert. they stay that way until Aedan arrives and breaks the tension. brother and sister watch from the shadows and make plans.Aedan, Christophe, Isis, Janika, Minette,  Rhiannon, Micah, Nathaniel, brother, sister
Chapter Thirty SixHell is For Children day 23Aedan is woken by a call from Dolph. he has a crime scene for her to look at. she arrives at a suburban home to find that a family of three has been killed. the father is a man of God and the daughter is named Katherine. a bible verse has been left in the child's hands. the scene shakes Aedan up. at the office that night, Jean Claude shows up to tell Aedan that the council is demanding he out her as his human servant to the vampire community. Peter firebombs the Church of Eternal Life and is caught. he's handed over to Jean Claude. Aedan is called to a second crime scene, where an older woman is dead in her basement. she has managed to leave a clue for them to find. brother watches the news and comes up with a new plan to cause havoc. in the aftermath of the day's events, Jean Claude asks Nathaniel to feed him and Rhiannon asks if she can watch. Jean Claude says yes.Aedan, Rhiannon, Jean Claude, Nathaniel, Dolph, Zerbrowski, Peter, brother, sister
Chapter Thirty SevenChoke on This Bitch day 23Rhiannon accompanies Nathaniel and Jean Claude to the vampire's personal rooms, where the trio engage in a menage a trois. frustrated by the day's events, angered by being lied to, hating herself, Aedan seeks out the homeless man responsible for the attacks on Janika and Asher and deals with him personally, in a very dark and horrible way. her night ends with a phone call from EdwardAedan, Rhiannon, Jean Claude, Nathaniel, the homeless guy
Chapter Thirty EightVisitationsday 25Janika pays a visit to the RPIT offices to give her findings to Dolph and Zerbrowski. she has information on the symbol used in the killings that she shares. her research sends Dolph and Zerbrowski off to meet with the leader of Pure Heart Ministries, Reverend Carter Solomon, and his wife Ruth Ann. Jean Claude confronts Aedan about being away from the Circus and the homeless guy's disappearance. Janika and Asher enjoy a night out. she discovers that he's owner of The Hanging Gardens and that he plans on opening another location. Aedan is alone in a cemetery when Edward finds her. she pulls her gun on him. he punches her and takes it from her, then convinces her to tell him what's got her acting so strangely.Aedan, Janika, Jean Claude, Asher, Dolph, Zerbrowski
Chapter Thirty NineChildren of the Velvet Night days 39, 40the night of the party. Gretchen, still at the Circus, visits the firebug and he finds a way to try and make her his friend. everyone at the party is mingling and watching, wondering what will happen.Isis, Minette, Rhiannon, Damian, Micah, Nathaniel, Jason, Edward, Gretchen, Peter
Chapter FortyChildren of the Rising Sun days 39, 40more party minglingAedan, Janika, Jean Claude,Asher, Richard, Constance, Rafael,
Chapter Forty OneChildren of the Grave days 39, 40all hell breaks loose as there's an attack on Minette. Truth prevents Aedan from going to Minette's side. Aedan deals with her frustration by raising zombies all over the park, including those of dead animals. Edward gives chase to the attacker, who gets away. Aedan raises Katie and asks her about the people who hurt her family to get information, then spends time with the little girl before putting her back. Edward melts out of the shadows and, together, they make plans to end the killers' spree.Aedan, MInette, Jean Claude, Micah, Jason, Edward, Katherine, brother, sister
Chapter Forty TwoHe Who Is Without Sin days 40, 41Aedan calls a meeting between herself, Micah, Isis, Richard, and Rafael. she tells them about the information she has on Minette's attacker and his accomplice, who also happen to be their lycanthrope killers. they make plans to find and catch the two. Jason is there to talk to Minette when she finally wakes up. he lets her know what's been going on since the attack. she decides to go see Aedan, who gives her the cold shoulder. Aedan visits another crime scene. the lycanthrope killers have struck again, this time an outspoken member of the community and his wife. they removed her uterus because she was pregnant. it is suggested that the killers are silencing outspoken members of the lycanthrope community. the killers leave a note about family and faith. upon leaving, Aedan is called over to talk to a witness. brother watches the news and hears Aedan give a statement about the crime scene and the killers, saying that she knows who they are and she will find them. brother explodes in rageAedan, Isis, Minette, Micah, Rafael, Richard, Jason, Dolph, Zerbrowski, brother, sister
Chapter Forty Three Of Dreams and Nightmares day 45 Rhia visits Christophe to discuss the dreams she's been having, as well as telling him she thinks she knows how to stop the demon summoner: by offering herself up as bait. the holy man remembers his first kill, Minette has a conversation with Micah about Aedan and tells him that she's completely shut everyone out of her head. the holy man remembers his first kill. Aedan has a visit from a member of the Harlequin and is told that she's now marked for death. brother and sister engage in a murder. Peter is visited by Gretchen and tries to put his plans into motion. Aedan is just returning home and in the middle of a conversation with Bobby Lee when her phone rings. Aedan, Minette, Rhiannon, Christophe Micah, Bobby Lee,  the holy man, brother, sister, Peter, Gretchen

Beyond Death: A Supplemental: a post filled with pictures to help enable envisioning the costumes Jean Claude chose for everyone to wear at the party. the party takes place over the course of Chapters Thirty Nine, Forty, and Forty One. its a touch graphics heavy, but worth a look because the costumes are gorgeous and i don't feel i did describing them any justice at all.

Another Beyond Death Supplemental: this post lists the music used in scenes involving brother and sister, including links to YouTube videos so that you can listen to the chosen songs. this is the soundtrack that Beyond Death would have. you know, if it had a soundtrack.

i will update this with each link as i post the corresponding chapter. hopefully. just to keep it all neat and tidy.

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