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in order to keep everything nice and neat and tidy, i've decided that the best course of action is, naturally, an index of all the indexes! because i am apparently anal that way. so here it is. a single post that will contain links to all of the MSV fics i've got started. one of them is even finished! this will make it easier to keep everything together. and then there'll only be a need for one link on the sidebar instead of too many to fit on the sidebar.

i will be organizing fics by universe. because that just makes way too much sense to me. and since i flooded everyone's dash last night with indexes (sorry about that. i was trying not to do the flooding, but DW wouldn't let me hide the posts. ugh), i'm going to put all the links under a cut to keep things looking pretty.

i'm going to split this up by Universe. there are technically only three universes being explored here, but one of those can be divided into sub-genres. sort of. (i do not know the meaning of go small. everything is go big or get the fuck outta here)

The Index Index )

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Title: Bound
Fandom: something like the Marvel Universe, leaning mostly toward the Movie!Avengers branch. but very, very AU. in fact, this is a sex slave universe. yup. i went there.
Rating: 18 and up
Warnings: lots of sex and some violence, possibly some language. also some non-con in laters chapters. also, did i mention the loads of sex? and the lack of morals? and the sex slaves?
Disclaimer: the recognizable characters and places contained herein are the property of Marvel and whoever the hell else owns them.. i'm merely borrowing for the sake of entertainment. no money is being made from this venture. the Sues are the sole property of their originators, [personal profile] dazzledfirestar, [profile] mistress_o_muse, [personal profile] ginevrasm, [profile] rylan_m, and [personal profile] ladydeathfaerie. the concept and title of The Mary Sue Virus are used with permission from Dazzledfirestar.

Author's Notes: you know, Daz and i are dangerous together and we should just have a disclaimer that covers both of us. we cooked this idea up a year or so ago, actually. it is a slave verse, but i think not like any we've seen before. we've decided that this is set roughly in the 1200s, in a version of England (and the world) that is without the influence of religion. because of this, the practice of training, selling, and buying sex slaves is something that occurs with great frequency. there are other layers to the story, but i won't give them away here. just know its filled with sex and slaves and sexy sex slaves and... yeah. you get the picture.

ChapterTitleTimelineMajor EventsCharacters
Chapter OneThe Pleasure of Your Companyday 0Lord Anthony Stark is hosting a gala event in honor of Thor's visit from the northern lands. Nicholas and Phillip are there to spy and learn whatever they can for their kingTony Stark, Nick Fury, Phil Coulson, Alex Quin, Miri Grant, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanova

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Title: The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth
Fandom: something like the Marvel Universe, leaning mostly toward the Movie!Avengers branch. but with dragons. and the Fae. in a historical, mostly AU setting.
Rating: 18 and up
Warnings: lots of sex and violence, some language, anything else that strikes my fancy
Disclaimer: the recognizable characters and places contained herein are the property of Marvel and whoever the hell else owns them.. i'm merely borrowing for the sake of entertainment. no money is being made from this venture. the Sues are the sole property of their originators, [personal profile] dazzledfirestar, [profile] mistress_o_muse, [personal profile] ginevrasm, [profile] rylan_m, and [personal profile] ladydeathfaerie. the concept and title of The Mary Sue Virus are used with permission from Dazzledfirestar.

The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth
ChapterTitleTimelineMajor EventsCharacters
Chapter OneAfter the First Attackday 0Nicholas, Phillip, and Clinton race against hunters to save members of their dying race, which takes them to the Quinn family farm. they arrive to find that the family has been slaughtered, save the Quinn's youngest, a daughter, and a family friend. Alexis and Miriam are wounded and require healing, as well as safety. Nicholas, Phillip, and Clinton gather up what they can and begin the journey to Sanctuary in order to save and protect Alexis and MiriamAlexis, Miriam, Clinton, Nicholas, Phillip

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Title: Once Upon a Dream
Fandom: Anita Blake universe
Rating: 18 and up
Warnings: possibly (appearing) graphic sex and definitely (appearing) graphic violence, language, anything else i can toss in.
Disclaimer: the recognizable characters and places contained herein are the property of LKH. i'm merely borrowing for the sake of entertainment. no money is being made from this venture. the Sues are the sole property of their originators, [personal profile] ginevra, [personal profile] dazzledfirestar, [personal profile] nanaeanaven, [profile] sessys_fangirl and [personal profile] ladydeathfaerie. the concept and title of The Mary Sue Virus are used with permission from Dazzledfirestar

Author's Notes: this is something that just jumped out of the blue and grabbed hold of me. so here's the first chapter. my brain is weird. i'm so sorry. this fic takes place sometime in the future after the end of Beyond Death.

Once Upon a Dream
ChapterTitleTimelineMajor EventsCharacters
Chapter OneLonely in Your Nightmareday 0Aedan is transported back in time, which Jean Claude realizes when he wakes for the night from a dream. in the past, Aedan comes face to face with that era's Jean Claude, brought together by his marks. but forces conspire to keep them apart and Aedan is left alone and uncertain. in the present, Jean Claude informs everyone of what has happened and they all struggle to find a way to bring Aedan home.Aedan, Isis, Janika, Minette, Rhiannon, Jean Claude, Asher, Damian, Augustine, Micah, Nathaniel, Richard, Jason

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Title: Blood Lines
Fandom: something like the Marvel Universe, leaning mostly toward the Movie!Avengers branch. but with vampires. and werewolves. in a historical setting.
Rating: 18 and up
Warnings: lots of sex and violence, some language, anything else i can toss in. blood play/drinking. M/M, M/F, M/F, F/F, and any other combination that strikes my fancy
Disclaimer: the recognizable characters and places contained herein are the property of Marvel and whoever the hell else owns them.. i'm merely borrowing for the sake of entertainment. no money is being made from this venture. the Sues are the sole property of their originators, [ profile] dazzledfirestar, [ profile] mistress_o_muse, [ profile] ginevrasm, [ profile] rylan_m, and [ profile] ladydeathfaerie. the concept and title of The Mary Sue Virus are used with permission from Dazzledfirestar.

Blood Lines - The Index
ChapterTitleTimelineMajor EventsCharacters
Chapter OneFresh Facesday 0Clint introduces himself to Alex, whom he's been watching for some time now, by coming to her rescue. he's intrigued by this proper young woman with no fear for her safety, spending her nights on the thieves' road, dealing with ne'er do wells. Alex is less than pleased with his help. after seeing Alex home, Clint returns to the castle to report to Miri and Phil that the wolves are moving closer to the humans. then he joins in their bed sport and tells them about Alex. Alex is woken by her mother's voice, telling her they have appointments. Alex takes a moment to savor the night before and tease herself to the memories.Alex, Miri, Clint, Phil
Chapter TwoConvocationday 1it is the evening of the monthly Convocation. Miri wakes to find Phil looking out the castle's window at the night sky. they talk about Convocation for a while, then break their fast with a pair of pets. after a sponge bath, Miri pens a letter to Lord Nicholas. then she and Phil head for Convocation. Elsa readies herself to deliver her petition to the Lord and Lady of the coven. Clint takes a few moments to think about Convocation, then his mind slips to Alex for a bit. when Elsa's claims are proved true, her bond is broken with her maker. her maker reacts poorly and Clint challenges him to a duel. Phil lets his mind wander during the duel, considering various topics. Clinton defeats his opponent and Convocation is ended.Elsa, Miri, Phil, Clint
Chapter ThreeEngagementday 4, 5Alex attends a fitting for her wedding wardrobe and is entirely unhelpful. her mother asks to speak to the seamstress in private, allowing Alex to spend time with her thoughts. Clint shows up to the engagement party unannounced. Mary Magdelaine tries to give Alex the sex talk, only to find out that her daughter knows all about it. she is not impressed. Clint pays a visit to Remy and warns him not to hurt Alex. he then visits Alex and treats her to some erotic play.Alex, Mary Magdelaine, Jan Van Dyne, Remy
Chapter FourQuestionsday 10 Miri corners Clint, who has been in a mood since hearing of Alex's engagement, and talks to him about his feelings for Alex. when she finds he won't stop Alex's coming wedding, she comes up with a plan and involves Phil in it. together, the two of them take to the roads to seek Alex out. Alex fends off four men intent on thievery before meeting the passengers in the carriage she's just saved. Miri and Phil ask her about her feelings for Clint, then tell her that he, and they, are vampires. before she can get worked up, Clint's voice in her head tells her he's on his way. Clint is not happy that his Lord and Lady have left the castle without escort, then is even more unhappy when he discovers they're with Alex. she reacts better than expected to the news of his state of being, then they return to the castle to talk things over. Clint leaves Alex on the road with her mind turning over what she's learned. she runs into trouble.Alex, Miri, Clint, Phil
Chapter FiveChangeday 11, 12morning sees Alex's mother is informed that  Alex did not sleep in her bed the night before. Alex's absence sends MM into a tizzy. she enlists the aide of one son in an effort to find Alex. Clint goes to meet with Alex. he finds death when he arrives, then discovers that Alex has been hurt and is near death herself. the surgeon at the castle informs Clint that there's nothing he can do to save her. facing her death, Clint decides to turn Alex. Alex's brother returns home with no news of the strange man or his sister's where abouts. MM pays a visit to Remy to deliver the news of Alex's disappearance. Remy seeks out the help of a hunter to find AlexAlex, Clint, Remy, Steve, Mary Magdelaine
Chapter SixAwakeningsday 13Steve is in a pub, considering things, when he's approached by a werewolf who says he has information on Alex's where abouts. something feels off about the encounter, but Steve decides to use it to his advantage. Alex wakes after the change to find that everything is new. things are brighter and more vibrant. Clint promises to explain after she feeds. the feeding goes wrong and brings about an explanation that Alex has a hard time accepting. she kicks Clint out. Phil receives a reply from Nick about the wolves. when he returns to his chambers, its to find Clint there with Miri. the other man is angry and upset over what's happened and Miri is trying to soothe his battered emotions. Miri suggests Elsa help guide Alex during her transition and assures Clint that Alex will come aroundAlex, Elsa, Miri, Clint, Steve, Phil

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Title: The Mary Sue Virus: Lights, Camera, Avengers!
Fandom: something like the Marvel Universe, leaning mostly toward the Movie!Avengers branch
Rating: 18 and up
Warnings: lots of sex and violence, language, anything else i can toss in. probably some drinking.
Disclaimer: the recognizable characters and places contained herein are the property of Marvel and whoever the hell else owns them.. i'm merely borrowing for the sake of entertainment. no money is being made from this venture. the Sues are the sole property of their originators, [ profile] dazzledfirestar, [ profile] mistress_o_muse, [ profile] ginevrasm, [ profile] rylan_m, and [ profile] ladydeathfaerie. the concept and title of The Mary Sue Virus are used with permission from Dazzledfirestar.

The Mary Sue Virus: Lights, Camera, Avengers!
ChapterTitleTimelineMajor EventsCharacters
Chapter OneBusy Handsday 0Tony is throwing some gala event, to which he's invited everyone. Astrid is tinkering with one of her inventions when she's approached by Thor. Alex is teasing Elsa about Steve, trying to encourage her to go dance with him or proposition him. Miri and Coulson are in a closet, engaging in a bout of sex. Alex is at the bar when Miri finds her and they discuss how its happened again, then talk about rounding up the gang. Clint approaches the two of them and comments on how they look. Alex shoos him off, unimpressed.Alex, Astrid, Elsa, Miri, Clint, Phil, Thor, Pepper
Chapter TwoLong Nightday 0the girls head to a diner to talk about their new adventure. there is discussion of who is who and who likes who. a call from Coulson breaks the party up. Miri heads to their usual hotel to meet up with him. Astrid heads home to her apartment and her toys. Elsa returns home and  thinks about what Alex has said about her having it bad for Steve. Alex heads to the SHIELD gym to work out her pent up aggression. Clint interrupts her. it turns into a fight that sees him besting her. Miri and Phil have a post coital discussion that leads to another round of love making.Alex, Astrid, Elsa, Miri, Phil, Clint
Chapter ThreeMorning Afterday 1Elsa wakes to find she's dreamt of Steve and considers that maybe Alex might be correct in her assessment of the situation. she also considers what Fury's hiring her to look into the Super Soldier program means. Miri and Phil are still in their hotel room. she entices him back to bed with her and they're in the middle of a round of sex when his cell phone goes off. Phil takes the call, Miri still and silent on top of him, then finishes up with Miri when he's done. Astrid is in the midst of work in her office at Stark Industries when Thor drops in to woo her. they go to the park. Alex is woken from a bizarre dream by the shrill of her phone. its her mother. they have a chat about church, men, babies, and lesbianism before her mother asks if she's going to have dinner with the family.Alex, Astrid, Elsa, Miri, Phil, Thor
Chapter FourAssignmentsday 2, 4Tony shows up at Phoebe's book store to discuss her hacking into SHIELD's database and tell her that she's going with him to SHIELD headquarters to chat with the director. once there, Fury gives her the option of working for him or going to jail. Phoebe chooses to work for Fury. Elsa is pouring over her grandfather's notes when Steve comes to her lab to let her take blood and saliva samples for testing. Thor once more shows up at Stark Industries to see Astrid. they go to lunch, despite her being unable to understand why he keeps coming to see her. Miri finds Alex on the firing range, using pictures of Clint for target practice. Miri tells Alex Coulson wants to see them. when they arrive, they're given two assignments. Miri is going to Scotland to sift through an empty Hydra base. Alex is going to Cali to monitor a house reportedly being used by Hydra agents. with Clint posing as her husbandAlex, Astrid, Elsa, Miri, Phoebe, Tony, Steve, Nick, Thor, Phil, Clint
Chapter FiveOn the Jobday 4Alex and Clint make it to LA in one piece. Alex ignores him much of the time until they land. Clint learns Alex has been to LA before. he also learns she doesn't know how to cook. they make it to their rental and settle in for their intelligence gathering mission. Miri arrives in London and is met by her MI6 contact, who helps her make it through customs. they go to MI6 headquarters for a quick debrief, then to her hotel to sleepAlex, Miri, Clint, Phil, Pete Wisdom
Chapter SixDistancesday 5Phoebe is displeased with Tony watching her every move and tells him so. more than that, she's displeased that she's found he isn't the man she thought he was. there's more substance to him than he lets on and she's far more attracted to that than she wants to be. Tony makes a bet with her about the backdoor she used, saying if he finds it in five minutes, she goes to a function with him. if he doesn't, he leaves her alone the rest of the time she's at SHIELD. she agrees, confident he can't find the back door. she loses. Elsa is on a ladder, reaching for a binder, when Steve interrupts her and causes her to lose her balance. she falls off the ladder and he catches her. Steve tells her a little about her grandfather. Elsa stares at his ass when he retrieves the binder. they chat about science for a bit, then Steve asks Elsa out on a date. Thor takes Astrid on a carriage ride through the park after dinner. they talk a little bit, then Thor kisses her. Miri calls Phil, frustrated with Pete Wisdom's advances toward her, and engages in phone sex with him to deal with her stress.Astrid, Elsa, Miri, Phoebe, Tony, Steve, Thor, Phil
Chapter SevenDatesday 7Astrid and Thor have a date at her apartment. she cooks for him. they talk about her family and why she hasn't seen them in a while. they end the evening with a very heated kiss. Phoebe attends Tony's function with him. she feels out of place, not knowing anyone there. she and Tony have a candid chat about why she doesn't like him and it disturbs Phoebe to realize that he's listening to her every word. more disturbing, he's taken her claims of disliking him as a challenge to change her mind about him. Steve and Elsa go to a diner on their date. they talk about his life before the serum and what it was like after. Alex and Clint go to a beach party at one of the neighboring houses to get a closer look at the Hydra house. Alex does not like the locals. after dancing with Clint and putting on a minor show for the party goers, Alex slips away to plant a listening device on the Hydra house. she's almost caught, but Clint comes to save the dayAlex, Astrid, Elsa, Phoebe,  Thor, Tony, Steve, Clint
Chapter EightFireworksday 8Miri and the team at the abandoned base discover vital information left behind by Hydra. she calls Phil to let him know that she thinks they've hit paydirt when one of the team calls her over to show her something else. it turns out to be a timer and Miri orders everyone to evacuate. Wisdom pulls her from the base and gets her to relative safety before the bomb explodes. Miri suffers a concussion and loses ten hours. she wakes in a Scottish hospital. Wisdom gives her a ride to her hotel and then kisses her, prompting Miri to punch him hard enough to break his nose. she gets into her hotel room to find that Phil is waiting for her. Phoebe is working out in the  SHIELD gym, trying to vent her growing frustration where Tony is concerned, when she's confronted with a person in all black. they launch an attack. when Tony comes looking for her, its enough to distract her so that the attacker can slash at her with a knife. Phoebe takes a cut on the arm, then uses a leg to disarm the man and he takes off running. Tony uses his shirt to bandage Phoebe's arm. she finds herself distracted by his bare chest. Alex is mad at Clint for leaving the toilet seat up and argues with him while trying to listen to the Hydra house. she hears a conversation talking about a weapon, about agents from MI6 being killed in Scotland, and an agent working to end the threat to their security. realizing Miri is in danger, Alex goes for her phone to call HQ, but notices movement in the shadows and realizes that they're targets. she grabs her weapons and alerts Clint to incoming danger. the two of them engage in a gun battle with Hydra agents. Alex leaves the house to take on more agents, blows the Hydra house up, and ends up fighting a man bigger than her. Clint saves the day by putting an arrow through his headAlex, Miri, Phoebe, Phil, Clint, Tony, Pete Wisdom
Chapter NineAwkward Conversationsday 27everyone is back at SHIELD HQ for debriefing and to meet Phoebe. Miri talks about the base in Scotland. she shares pictures of the place, plus images of the files they found. a circle with Celtic knotwork under the base is named as a summoning circle. Phil, Miri, Clint, and Alex get sent home. Clint gives Alex a ride and gets a call from her mother, who hears Clint's voice. Alex claims he's her boyfriend to avoid her mother trying to set her up and Clint is invited to the Quinn house for Sunday dinner. Thor and Astrid are lounging after indulging in a little love making. he tells her about the circle. Miri wakes in Phil's bed and wonders at the changeAlex, Astrid, Miri, Phoebe, Nick, Tony , Steve, Thor, Clint
Chapter TenThe New Recruitday 29 Phoebe finally gets past Hydra's security and into their mainframe. she prints off information and finds several mentions of Loki. she takes the files to Miri. the girls discover there is another Sue amongst them. all the Sues get together to coach Phoebe on how to navigate the universe. Elsa and Steve go to an art museum and admire the art. then they go for ice cream and share a kiss. Phoebe returns from the gym to find Tony at her door. they discuss why she doesn't like him and he brings up what he knows about her family. the heat of their argument leads to a fiery kiss, but Phoebe pushes him away and orders him to leave.Alex, Astrid, Elsa, Miri, Phoebe, Steve, Tony
Chapter ElevenTurning Pointday 32Elsa and her research have been moved to the Helicarrier for her safety. Steve shows up to take her on a picnic in a room filled with a living garden. the picnic is put on hold, though, when the two of them start kissing. Alex and Clint arrive at her parents' house for Sunday dinner. Alex decides there isn't enough alcohol in the world to help a person survive her family. Phoebe is hard at work at her desk when thoughts of Tony intrude. she digs deeper into SHIELD files on Loki to push thoughts of Tony aside, making notes about everything. once finished, she searches her parents' names to find information about the crash that killed them. doing so brings her memories to the surface. she finds herself crying on Tony's shoulderAlex, Elsa, Phoebe, Steve, Clint, Tony, the Quinn family
Chapter TwelveUnpleasantnessday 32Clint and Alex leave her parents' place. as soon as her family goes back inside, Alex takes off, intent on walking home in the rain. she just wants to get away from Clint. he catches her and Alex, not thinking rationally, throws a punch. which starts a fight. which ends with the two of them going to his place and getting busy. more than once. Miri talks to her mother on the phone. the woman needles Miri about her career and insists she should find a man before she's too old. Miri cuts the call short when someone knocks on her door. its a neighbor, bringing her a piece of mail. they make plans for dinner. Mrs. Goldman leaves, there's another knock, and this time its Phil. he gives her a backrub to ease the tension brought on by her mother's call. there's a promise of something more. Thor distracts Astrid from the drawing of the circle with sex. when she calls him on it, he tells her that he isn't using sex to distract her and that his feelings for her run deeper. he admits he loves her, then gets up to leave when she has a hard time accepting the fact. after sex with Clint, Alex wakes up and freaks out about what she's done, so she gets up and gets dressed and goes home.Alex, Astrid Miri, Clint, Phil, Thor, Marjorie Grant
Chapter ThirteenMisdirectiondays 33, 36Phoebe wakes after her night of crying to find herself still in Tony's arms. she pulls away from him and the two of them have a discussion why nothing more will ever happen between them. Phoebe tells him its because he's an alcoholic. Tony tells her he's done and then leaves and Phoebe feels alone. Miri is woken by Phil's cell phone. he gets an assignment and has to leave. Miri is left feeling lost and calls Alex, only to have her call go straight to voice mail. something it never does. Clint shows up at Alex's apartment to make sure she's okay. Alex gives him the cold shoulder to protect herself. Phoebe looks up from her hacking duties to find Pepper there. Pepper asks her to lunch and then asks what happened with Tony because he's sober. Astrid figures out where she's seen the circle before, but its too late because Loki shows up and kidnaps her.Alex, Astrid, Miri, Phoebe, Pepper, Tony, Phil, Clint, Loki
Chapter FourteenDisturbancesday 36Astrid is being held captive in Loki's stronghold. he uses a basin to show her what Thor and her friends are doing. with each image, he works to undermine her trust in the people she loves and cares about. Elsa's equipment is not working properly, though maintenance insists its been checked and was found to be in perfect working order. Steve arrives in time to hear her give someone on the phone a good chewing out, then the two go walking together. they end up talking about the equipment breaking down all over the helicarrier, then Steve warns Elsa that bad things will happen. Alex is working out in the SHIELD gym when Natasha interrupts to warn her not to mess with Clint's heart. she derides Alex and tells her the only reason she made it into SHIELD is because Fury liked her uncle. Alex launches an attack against Natasha and gets her ass kicked.Alex, Astrid, Elsa, Steve, Natasha, Loki
Chapter FifteenOff Guardday 39Astrid considers her situation, locked away in Loki's stronghold. he takes her to the basin to show her what's going on with her friends once again. this time, she finds herself with her friends but unable to communicate with them. she sees Coulson and his team dealing with parts of a staff. Miri goes with Alex to dinner at her family's house. MM mentions Alex bringing Clint home for dinner. Loki shows Astrid another image in his basin., this time a meeting between Nick Fury and some of the Avengers. Phoebe and Tony spend a night in her quarters. they're just about to engage in sex when a warning bell starts chiming. Tony leaves to see what's going on. Elsa is questioned about her relationship with Steve by her staff and, after some ribbing, they go back to work. only to be brought to a halt by the sound of an explosion. Loki drags Astrid with him to the basin again, telling her its time. he shows her the fighting taking place both on the helicarrier and on the SHIELD base. then she's on the helicarrier with Loki, watching Coulson, Clint, Steve, and Thor talking about courses of action. Astrid tries to warn Thor, touches him, and draws his attention. Thor promises retribution, then the helicarrier is gone and Loki is threatening Astrid.Alex, Astrid, Elsa, Miri, Phoebe, Phil, Nick, Clint, Thor, Tony, Loki, the Quinn family
Chapter SixteenChaosday 39Phoebe decides to take her chances out in the halls rather than wait in her quarters. she and her dogs go in search of the armory and the others. Loki uses the basin to try and shake Astrid's faith in her friends, sharing secrets they've told no one. Alex is trying to find Miri in the chaos. she's confronted with a Hydra agent. Miri is pinned down in an office, low on ammo, when Maria shows up and lends a hand. they plan on heading to the comm room and raising the helicarrier. Phoebe sets the dogs on a Hydra agent and, in the process, Tex is injured. Loki shows Astrid Miri and Coulson next. Miri confronts the enemy in the hallways. Alex is still trying to get to Miri when she finds Natasha. the two women dispatch half a dozen of the enemy. Loki shows Astrid Steve and Elsa next. Elsa tries to recall what happened and take stock of her injuries. Miri and Maria make it to the comm room. Alex and Natasha are there. they make ready to contact the helicarrier, only to hear the carrier's distress call, made by PhilAlex, Astrid, Miri, Phoebe, Maria, Natasha, Loki
Chapter SeventeenDestructionday 39Tony leaves Phoebe's quarters and heads for his armor, intent on suiting up and helping in the fight. running into the enemy sees him using a door as a shield and he takes them all down with it.  Coulson issues orders to Steve, Clint, and Thor. when the others leave to get into position, Thor waits and hears Astrid's voice. then sees her and Loki, though only as shades. he realizes what's going on and heads off to find Loki. Clint raids the armory and seeks out a sniper nest in order to pick off the enemy. he takes out his pent up aggression on anyone who gets in his way. Phil heads for the bridge calmly, intent on keeping the helicarrier from enemy hands and from crashing in a high population area. his thoughts turn to Miri. Steve fetches his shield before engaging the enemy. he ends up helping people instead of fighting Hydra. Thor goes to Asgard searching for Astrid. she's not there. a display of temper has Thor discovering one of Loki's old journals, which reveals the location of a secret palace.  Thor rescues Astrid from Loki and takes her home. Clint has a place on a catwalk that he's using to snipe Hydra agents. one sneaks up on him and injures him, which sends him falling to the floor below. Steve keeps trying to rescue the injured. he finds one of Elsa's assistants, who tells him Elsa needs help. Phil, realizing the helicarrier is going down, determines to set it down where people will not be hurt. his last thoughts are of Miri and how he should have told her he loved her. Tony helps clear Hydra away from the exterior of the base. Fury sends him out to help the helicarrier. he draws the planes away and reaches the helicarrier in time to see it crash.Astrid, Clint, Nick, Phil, Steve, Tony, Thor
Chapter EighteenWreckageday 39Fury sends two teams into the helicarrier to find survivors. Miri heads up one team while Alex heads up the other. Tony goes with Miri into the less stable parts of the wreckage. Alex's team finds Steve and Elsa and gets them out. Tony keeps studying Miri, setting her nerves on edge. they find Phil in the wreckage of the bridge. Thor arrives on scene and is torn a new one by Fury, then sent in to back up Alex's team. Tony helps Miri get it together, making comment on her feelings for the other man. Alex and her team find Clint. Thor watches her reaction to seeing him injured. he isn't able to stop her before she shoots the Hydra agent responsible for his injuries.Alex, Miri, Nick, Steve, Tony, Thor
Chapter NineteenNumbday 39Miri checks in on all of the injured, then ends up in the chapel to think about Phil. Elsa wakes and tries to recall what happened. Steve is sleeping in a chair next to her bed. Astrid is watching the news, staring at the images flashing on the screen. it takes her a bit, but she finally turns it off. Phoebe waits anxiously to find out how badly her dog is injured. Tony is there with her to lend support. Alex is venting in the gym. Miri comes to check on her. the two of them end up in a fight over their feelings for the men in their lives. Fury interrupts them to send them on a missionAlex, Astrid, Elsa, Miri, Phoebe, Steve, Tony, Nick
Chapter TwentyRetributionday 40everyone gets together in Elsa's hospital room. Astrid wants to apologize. Miri nearly chokes her out, but backs down then Alex pulls her back. Alex and Miri are given the task of clearing the Hydra nest. Thor and Steve go with. Steve takes exception to how Miri runs her OP and gets a gun to the face for his troubles. Nick breaks the fight up and sends everyone home to sleep.Alex, Astrid, Elsa, Miri, Phoebe, Steve, Thor, Nick
Chapter Twenty OneGossipday 41Phoebe wakes snuggled in Tony's arms, thinks about what happened the night before, and cries. Tony holds her closer in comfort. after, she tells him about the events of the night before. an intimate situation is interrupted by the telephone. Astrid and Thor talk about Loki and the things he said and did to her. Steve and Elsa visit in her hospital room. they discuss what Elsa heard and saw the night before. she admits she loves him and they kiss. Miri visits Phil in the hospital and has a visit from Maria HillAstrid, Elsa, Miri, Phoebe, Maria, Tony, Thor, Steve
Chapter Twenty TwoExchange   
Chapter Twenty ThreePeace   
Chapter Twenty FourVisits   
Chapter Twenty FiveReconciled   
Chapter Twenty SixHealing   
Chapter Twenty SevenConfrontation   
Chapter Twenty EightDomesticity   
Chapter Twenty NineJust a Normal Day   
Chapter ThirtyComing Together   
Chapter Thirty OneGames People Play   
Chapter Thirty TwoGoing Home   

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Title: Rebel Yell (A Mutant Sue Civil War AU)
Fandom: something like the Marvel Universe
Rating: 18 and up
Warnings: lots of violence (its set during the Civil War. duh!) and bloodshed. some language. sex. possible Southern drawl usage.
Disclaimer: the recognizable characters and places contained herein are the property of Marvel. i'm merely borrowing for the sake of entertainment. no money is being made from this venture. the Sues are the sole property of their originators, [ profile] ginevra , [ profile] dazzledfirestar , [ profile] nanaea , [ profile] sessys_fangirl  and [ profile] ladydeathfaerie . the concept and title of The Mary Sue Virus are used with permission from Dazzledfirestar.

Rebel Yell (A Mutant Sue Civil War AU)
ChapterTitleTimelineMajor EventsCharacters
Chapter OneExpectationsday 0Haley is chatting with friends over sandwiches and lemonade and shares with them that she's engaged to Sam Guthrie and has been for three years. during their chat, they're interrupted by a rider. he has a note for Haley, from Sam's sister. in it, Paige writes that Sam's been killed in the fighting. after months of mourning, Haley decides that she's going to serve as a nurse at the nearest Confederate camp. she sees some truly horrible things while there. and just when she thinks it can get any worse, she lays eyes on a Union soldier who makes her heart sing in her chest.Haley, Harper, Sam Guthrie, Lulu, Thomas

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Title: Friendship Set to Music
Fandom: Marvel (60s Counter-culture AU)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Drug use, drinking, sex (M/F, F/F, M/M, and every other combination)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything recognizable. Marvel does. The sues are the property of their originators; [ profile] ladydeathfaerie, [ profile] ginevrasm, [ profile] nanaeanaven, [ profile] sessys_fangirl and [ profile] dazzledfirestar. I don't make any money from this.

Chapter One - Hello, I Love You
Chapter Two - Riders on the Storm
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Title: The Mary Sue Virus: Avengers Assemble
Fandom: something like the Marvel Universe, leaning mostly toward the Avengers branch
Rating: 18 and up
Warnings: lots of sex and violence, language, anything else i can toss in. a grown woman behaving like a five year old. probably some drinking. Disclaimer: the recognizable characters and places contained herein are the property of Marvel. i'm merely borrowing for the sake of entertainment. no money is being made from this venture. the Sues are the sole property of their originators, [ profile] dazzledfirestar, [ profile] nanaea, [ profile] mistress_o_muse, [ profile] samuraiter, [ profile] strawberispring and [ profile] ladydeathfaerie. the concept and title of The Mary Sue Virus are used with permission from Dazzledfirestar.

The Mary Sue Virus: Avengers Assemble
ChapterTitleTimelineMajor EventsCharacters
Chapter OneMis-Avengerday 0the story opens with a robust round of sex between Sorcha and Clint. only moments after completion, Tony knocks on the door to let them know Thor's called a meeting. the two split to shower and get ready for the meeting.  Willa and Riley are enjoying a refreshing glass of wine beside the pool with a third woman when Jarvis comes to let them know about the meeting. when everyone arrives for the meeting, Steve turns it over to Thor, who talks about the trouble Loki is causing with some other god, which is affecting both Midgard and Asgard. the Avengers are going to Asgard to deal with Loki's attacks there. when the meeting is over, Steve asks Sorcha to stay behind and has 'the talk' again, in which he questions her dedication to the Avengers. she assures him that she's as dedicated as everyone else, then breaks off to talk to the other Sues.Caelin, Riley, Sorcha, Willa, Clint, Tony. Steve. Thor
Chapter TwoAsgardday 0Frankie and Pietro are having a conversation about whether or not Thor is correct in his assumptions about Loki and this other god attacking Asgard. Frankie is convinced he's imagining things. Pietro is sure Thor is right. Frankie is lost in thoughts when Art shows up to let them all know the rest of the Avengers are arriving. Frankie goes with Art to greet them. Riley takes the time to study everyone on their trip to Asgard, contemplating the things she's discussed with her friends. they're greeted by Frankie when they land. Thor promises a feast once they're shown to their rooms. everyone meets in Willa's room to discuss the Virus hitting again and to introduce the new Sues.Caelin, Riley, Sorcha, Willa, Frankie, Art, Pietro, Scott Lang
Chapter ThreeFuel to the Firedays 0, 1everyone attends the feast thrown in their honor in Odin's Great Hall. Art is mildly amazed by the way everyone bands together and drinks and talks, unlike how it was back in his day. he takes time to study everyone and watches as Fandral convinces Willa to go to bed with him. he also takes note that Clint is apparently jealous of this. an unnamed Viking propositions Caelin, says the wrong thing, and ends up in a brawl with Volstagg. when she leaves with Steve, the fight breaks up and couples start retiring. Frankie and Pietro, Tony and Riley, Sorcha and Clint. the next morning, Clint confronts Willa about going off with Fandral and suggests that Clint and Willa have a history. but their fight is disrupted by the arrival of Sorcha. they head to the hall and have breakfast. Fandral shows up and makes mention of making Clint jealous, then kisses her to help that jealousy along. the breakfast ends with words from Thor and then Steve handing out assignments. Sorcha, Willa, Art, Clint, Fandral, Thor, Steve
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Title: Maiden Voyage
Fandom: the Marvel Universe, specifically an AU version featuring the Mutant Sues
Rating: mature. 
Warnings:  there will be mild violence and sex. maybe some language. blatant abuse of history
the Marvel men do not belong to me. they belong to Marvel and whoever the hell else owns them. i'm simply borrowing them for the fun of it. i like putting them through hell, don't you know? i'm not making money from this, either. so don't even consider what you can score off me. i'm broke. not a penny to my name. the Sues belong to the women who thought them up, namely Dazzledfirestar, Nan, SFC,  Gin and myself. don't steal them. they'll kick your ass. the name and concept of the Mary Sue Virus belong to Daz, who graciously allowed me to use it for my own personal pleasure.

Maiden Voyage
ChapterTitleTimelineMajor EventsCharacters
Chapter OneAll AboardApril 10, 1912Rosemary, a maid on RMS Titanic, ensures that one of the well appointed staterooms is ready for its assigned passengers before hurrying to her post for the arrival of the passengers. we see several of them through her eyes as they board. she escorts Haley, her parents, and Warren to their cabins, then meets Tony and Steve. Tony asks her to come to his cabin that night after she's finished working. Rosemary goes to her own cabin at the end of the night.Haley, Jehnna, Roxxy, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Warren Worthington III
Chapter TwoAll in a Day's WorkApril 11, 12, 13, 14Rosemary is up on deck, taking in the sunrise, when Tony finds her. they talk about why she didn't come see him the night before. when she says having a flight with him will ruin her, he tells her he'll take her with him in New York and he'll take care of her. then he kisses her and leaves. she thinks about him all day. sees him various times throughout the day. and goes to see him at the end of the night. she runs into Haley in the hall before continuing on. Rosemary spends her next day considering class and if its as important as she thought. she meets with Tony that night. she overhears an argument between Haley and Warren that sees her coming up with a way for both of them to see their lovers without being caught. Rosemary is in bed with Tony when a steward knocks to let him know that he needs to be up on deck with his lifebelt on. Tony takes Rosemary with him in order to put her on a boat so they can have a life together, but Steve shows up and asks Tony to help him find Dare.Haley, Roxxy, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Warren Worthington III
Chapter ThreeThe Calm Before the Storm April 10, 11 passenger Victor Creed and his wife Alasdare, together with their daughter, appear to be the perfect little family. but Creed cares nothing for his wife, and it shows in his treatment of her. he uses her as he pleases and beats her when she displeases. she hates her loveless, abusive relationship. she hates that he flaunts his liaisons before her without care. worse is the fact that Haley and Warren, her old friends, know how he treats her. when Alasdare shows interest in another man, Haley sets up a meeting between the two. and Alasdare finds herself falling in love, which sees her making the decision to divorce her worthless husband.Dare, Haley, Warren Worthington III, Steve Rogers, Victor Creed, Leni
Chapter FourThe Eye of the Storm April 12, 13,14 Alasdare and Victor have breakfast the next morning in one of the ship's cafes. she wonders at it until Anthony Stark shows up and stops by their table to talk about business. he addresses her and asks after her father. he also introduces his friend, Steven Rogers. just before the two of them leave, Stark tells Creed that he should take better care of his wife. after breakfast, Alasdare is left to her own devices when Creed goes off. she spends her time with Haley and Steven. that night, Creed makes sure to beat her where the bruises won't show. the next day, Haley admits that she's met someone and she plans on running away with him. Alasdare wishes her luck. she meets with Steven that night. she tells him she's going to leave Victor and has a moment to hope that Steven understands that she cares for him. he steals a sweet, tiny kiss, then turns away and tells her he can't see her anymore. Victor has been making threats and Steven doesn't want to see her hurt because of him. when Victor returns to the cabin that night, he lashes out at her and accuses her of infidelity. they fight. she tells him she's leaving him and gets in some good shots. he ultimately prevails, leaving her unconscious and locked in the cabin. Steven and Anthony come to her rescue. they get her and Deirdre out of the cabin and up to the lifeboats.Dare, Haley, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Victor Creed
Chapter FiveStar Crossed April 10 their first night on the ship, Warren proposes to Haley at the dinner table in front of her parents, asking her father for his permission to marry her. he grants it. after her time with Alasdare on deck, Creed confronts Haley and tells her to mind her own business or he'll make her regret spending time with her old friend. Creed threatens her and Haley is afraid he'll make good on his threats. but a stranger comes to her rescue and sees Creed leaving her alone. once he's sure she's fine, the two of them have a minor argument about class. back in her cabin, Haley can't stop thinking about the stranger and lies to Warren when he asks, telling the man she's worried about Alasdare. he promises that they'll help her when they get to New York, then they engage in a little play. Haley, Warren Worthington III, Clint Barton, Charlotte Stone, Howard Stone, Victor Creed
Chapter SixHow Far Away the Stars Seem April 11, 14 in the morning, Haley tells Warren of Alasdare's reaction to Steven and decides to set them up. she then visits Steven and plants the idea that he can help Alasdare in his brain. while on deck, she is approached by her rescuer from the night before. he asks if Creed came back to hurt her and then apologizes about being an ass. he introduces himself as Clint. Haley spends the next few days with Clint when she isn't with Warren or Alasdare.  on their fifth night together, Haley and Clint make love to one another in a washing room below decks, where they fall asleep when they've finished. cold water wakes Haley. she wakes Clint. they realize the ship is listing and sinking. and they're locked in.Haley, Warren Worthington III, Clint Barton Tony Stark, Steve Rogers

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just getting this going while i'm thinking about it.

Title: The Mary Sue Virus: A Faerie Tale
Fandom: Merry Gentry Universe
Rating: 18 and up
Warnings: graphic sex and violence, language, anything else i can toss in.
Disclaimer: the recognizable characters and places contained herein are the property of LKH. i'm merely borrowing for the sake of entertainment. no money is being made from this venture. the Sues are the sole property of their originators, Ginevra, Dazzledfirestar, Nanaea,  and ladydeathfaerie. the concept and title of The Mary Sue Virus are used with permission from Dazzledfirestar. Daz had been a big help on the plotting front. thanks, hon!

The Mary Sue Virus: A Faerie Tale
ChapterTitleTimelineMajor EventsCharacters
PrologueThe Prologueday 0Goddess explains what has happened in Merry's world and why she feels it necessary to look for outside helpGoddess
Chapter OneMirror Mirrorday 0Raevynne is involved in an exhibition sword fight with Mistral and proves her worth despite an injury. after complimenting her abilities, the queen orders Mistral to take Raevynne to the healer. Starr wakes face down in the dirt, unsure of how she got there or why she's only in a shift. she also doesn't know why her belly hurts as it does. before she can figure any of this out, Frost shows up. concerned by her strange behavior, he takes her to the healer. Mairwen is serving the meal in the hall when she stumbles and spills her tray on a fine lady's garb. the Fae lady's husband raises his hand to Mairwen, then is brought to a halt by the timely arrival of Sholto, who puts the Fae in his place then escorts Mairwen to the healer to be sure she isn't too badly injured. Viola is dining in the hall, watching the exhibition, when a strange feeling comes over her. she excuses herself and head to the healer's chambers to ensure everything is okay.Astarte, Mairwen, Raevynne, Viola, Mistral, Frost, Queen Andais, Fflur
Chapter TwoLong Forgottenday 0after helping Fflur with her patients, Viola heads back to her own chambers for the night. fingers of ivy follow her friends and herself as she goes. she is met along the way by Doyle and old animosities rise up to color their encounter. old desires also rise up and Viola and Doyle share a kiss that rattles her to her core. she takes refuge in her room and tries to forget the encounter. Frost escorts Starr to her chambers, still concerned about her seeming confusion. she leaves him at her door and goes inside to shower, where she discovers the wound in her belly. she climbs into the shower and passes out, only to wake to Rhys' concerned face. he carries her to bed, tends her wound, then climbs in to the bed to hold her. they end up having sex despite the wound in her bellyAstarte, Viola, Doyle, Rhys, Frost, Fflur
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now that i've got more than one chapter of this posted, i can create the index for it.

i'll keep this up to date, like everything else i've got going on.


In the Name of the Goddess
ChapterTitleTimelineMajor EventsCharacters
ProloguePrologueday 0an old woman, sensing her time is nearing an end, makes it her job to teach her three young granddaughters about the old Gods and Goddesses and the old ways, despite her daughter's insistence that they believe in the One GodBrialle, the old woman, the old woman's three granddaughters
Book One, Heulwen: Chapter OneThe Huntday 1when she's informed of the presence of a white doe and stag in the forest, the old woman realizes she's got very little time and sits down to tell her grandchildren the story of Heulwen, the white stag, and the mortal man she fell in love with. the old woman tells of how, when the human hunter set his sights on the white stag, Cernunnos sent Heulwen to the mortal realm to deal with the hunter. when she finds the hunter, he begs her help in saving his village from a dangerous beast. Heulwen goes to Celyn's village to battle the beast. he is injured. she destroys it. then she sets out to nurse him back to healthBrialle, the old woman, the old woman's three granddaughters, Cernunnos, Heulwen, Celyn
Book One: Heulwen: Chapter TwoThe Game, part 1day 2cold weather is approaching fast, seeing all of the village hurrying to bring in the harvest. after a long day of toiling, the old woman sits down to continue her tale of Heulwen and Celyn for her granddaughters. she tells  them of how Heulwen takes Celyn to one of her sacred glades in the forest and personally tends to his wounds.Brialle, the old woman, the old woman's three granddaughters, Cernunnos, Heulwen, Celyn, Morgan, Fae
Book One: Heulwen, Chapter TwoThe Game, part 2day 2as Celyn prepares to leave Heulwen, she searches for a reason to keep him at her side. in a heated rush, she admits her love for him and it sees the two of them making love in the grass. Heulwen dedicates herself to her hunter. Brialle stops the story there and tells her mother to stop telling her stories.Brialle, the old woman, the old woman's granddaughters, Heulwen, Celyn
Book One: Heulwen, Chapter ThreeThe Return, Part 1day 3the old woman continues her tale, telling the girls how Heulwen and Celyn were bound in a ceremony headed up by Cernunnos. then follows snippets of their life together. the announcement and birth of their first child. a hunt.Brialle, the old woman, the old woman's granddaughters, Heulwen, Celyn, Talfryn, Damhnait
Book One: Heulwen, Chapter ThreeThe Return, Part 2
day 3the tale goes on to include Celyn's death and Heulwen's reaction to it.Brialle, the old woman, the old woman's granddaughters, Heulwen, Celyn, Talfryn, Damhnait
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so here's the index for the story. keep it all neat and tidy and in one place.

Title: No Man's Land  
Fandom: the Marvel Universe
Rating: 18 and up
Warnings: graphic sex and violence, language, incest and anything else i can toss in.
Disclaimer: the recognizable characters and places contained herein are the property of Marvel and whoever the hell else owns them. i'm merely borrowing them for the sake of entertainment. no money is being made from this venture. the Sues are the sole property of their originators, Ginevra, Dazzledfirestar, Nanaea, SilverFoxChan, Samuraiter and ladydeathfaerie. the concept and title of The Mary Sue Virus are used with permission from Dazzledfirestar. plot bunny cultivating is being done with Daz.

No Man's Land
ChapterTitleTimelineMajor EventsCharacters
PrologueThe PrologueN/Aa history of mutant kind and how the end up going from being a persecuted minority to being rulers of the worldN/A
Chapter OneThe Inner Circleday 0the Inner Circle meets to hear information Warren has after his last scouting mission. humans are approaching Blackhaven, armed with weapons. they're being led by a man carrying a custom made bow and a quiver of arrows. Haley and Dare decide to add him to their collection. the Inner Circle heads out to capture Barton and the people with him. they manage to do just that with little effort. back at Blackhaven Manor, Haley is in a strap-on, ready to fuck Dare, when they're joined by a strangerDare, Haley, Jehnna, Roxxy, Harper, Remy, Logan, Warren, Raphael Coscarelli
Chapter TwoSearch and Destroyday 1the Inner Circle gathers again to listen to Raphael Coscarelli's information. when Dare tells them that Raph knows where Ororo is, everyone tells him that she's dead. but Raph insists she's alive and that he knows where she is. the Inner Circle grant him sanctuary, provided they find Ororo. when Raph is escorted to a room, Harper makes plans. the girls are summoned to Morgan's rooms because she's had a vision she wants to share with them. the team Harper picked to rescue Ororo goes to do just that and encounters familiar faces along the wayDare, Haley, Morgan, Roxxy, Harper, Remy, Warren, Raphael Coscarelli, Jamie Madrox , Ororo
Chapter ThreePower Madday 2Haley wakes in bed with Dare. Harper is gone, letting her consider what Morgan told them. when Dare wakes, she talks to her about it and convinces her to consider it.  Henry examines Ororo. no one is happy about what the humans have done to her, Harper threatens to take Dare to the facility to burn it. Ororo wakens and nearly freaks out, but Harper soothes her and helps calm her down. Wade shows up and goes with Harper and Dare to the facility. both he and Dare get to use their unique talents against the humans there. back at the manor, Haley and Dare play with their new toyDare, Haley, Roxxy, Ororo, Harper, Henry, Warren, Wade, Clint
Chapter FourInterludes day 2 Roxxy helps settle Ororo in, getting her into a shower and feeding her a meal before taking her to her greenhouse. the two spend a good deal of time there. Roxxy watches as some of the old Ororo emerges. when the other woman tires, Roxxy takes her back to her rooms to rest. Ororo asks Roxxy to watch over her for the night. Roxxy does so in her feline form. Jamie watches Roxxy and Ororo and ponders the events that had brought them to where they were now. Dare and Haley begin breaking Clint inDare, Haley, Roxxy, Ororo, Harper, Jamie, Clint
Chapter FiveInterruptions day 2 Jehnna wakens in Warren's rooms with the thought that something is different. she tries to remember what it is, each attempt ending with her powers trying to break free of her. she's caught by Warren and made to touch him and fuck him. Haley and Dare continue to work on breaking Clint. Harper is pulled away from watching Haley and Dare with Clint by a messenger. Morgan is having a fit and he's the only one who can calm her down. he slips into her mind to find out what she's seen after she tells him that humans are coming to destroy them. when she slips into hysterics again, Harper uses sex to calm her down. with Harper gone, Haley and Dare indulge themselves and let Clint touch them in ways that he normally wouldn't be allowed to.Dare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Harper, Warren, Clint
Chapter SixPlaying Games day 2Morgan's thoughts about everything as she and Harper have sex. during their encounter, Morgan is visited by the ghosts of those who have died and whose deaths she blames on herself. Haley and Dare allow Clint to have a little fun of his own. he gets to fuck Dare's mouth and Haley's ass. Remy and Raphael are playing cards, using slips of paper containing sexual favors as currency. Remy is trying to figure out who Raphael really is and what his game is.Dare, Haley, Morgan, Harper, Clint, Remy, Raphael
Chapter SevenSurrender day 2 Haley and Dare continue to allow Clint to have his way with them. until he tries to take advantage and escape. his actions almost cost him his life at the hand of Dare's flames, but Haley talks her down. he's put on the table for punishment. they get him to beg for release Dare, Haley, Clint
Chapter EightOld Friends, New Enemies day  Harper considers his newly acquired heroes and what to do with them. following Morgan's vision, he's been able to capture Tony Stark, Johnny Storm, and Janet Van Dyne. the decision is made to let Remy charm Tony, to turn him into a whore for anyone who wants him. and he decides that he needs to take control of Johnny's powers. Harper puts Tony in the Danger Room and creates a program containing Howard to taunt Tony with his father and his dead friends. when done, Harper lets Remy take Tony with him. Johnny is brought in and given a show by Haley and Harper, to let him know what he's been missing. then Dare steps in to show Johnny how much more intense his powers can be. when he turns down her request to say yes to being her pet, Dare rips Johnny's powers from him Dare, Haley, Harper, Remy, Tony, Johnny
Chapter NineTraining day Remy is awake, watching the sun fill his room and waiting for Tony to waken. while he waits, he touches Tony and brings him to heightened arousal, then brings him to orgasm. Tony gets huffy upon waking, claiming that he didn't enjoy Remy's ministrations. Remy knows him for a liar and knows that it will be easy to bring Tony to their side. an interlude with Jamie as he thinks about what the school once had been, what its now become, and what his place in it is. he is joined by Pietro. Johnny is paid a visit by Dare in a Danger Room session in an effort to bring him over to their side. she uses the reward of his fire and her body to try and sway his decision but he stands firm. for nowDare, Halyey, Harper, Remy, Jamie, Pietro, Tony, Johnny

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so i had this evil bunny last night. and i was hoping Daz would talk me down. sadly, that didn't happen. and so... we have this. please keep in mind that the story we're writing here is going to be kind of dark, kind of perverse, and its going to take the Sues in directions that i don't think they've ever gone in before. what follows is simply an introduction to the story, but bunnies are already kind of forming for this. enjoy.

and don't say i didn't warn you.

Title: No Man's Land
The Prologue
Fandom: the Marvel Universe
Rating: 18 and up
Warnings: graphic sex and violence, language, incest and anything else i can toss in.

Disclaimer: the recognizable characters and places contained herein are the property of Marvel and whoever the hell else owns them. i'm merely borrowing them for the sake of entertainment. no money is being made from this venture. the Sues are the sole property of their originators, Ginevra, Dazzledfirestar, Nanaea, SilverFoxChan and ladydeathfaerie. the concept and title of The Mary Sue Virus are used with permission from Dazzledfirestar. plot bunny cultivating is being done with Daz.

Author's Notes: welcome to a post-apocalyptic world where there is mutant and there is human. 

No Man's Land - the Index

The Prologue )


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Hey look! I'm doing this from the beginning this time. LOL

Title: Letters Home
Fandom: Marvel Universe (seriously AU though...)
Rating: 18+
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters here. They and the world this is set in are the property of Marvel Entertainment. The Purple Team is the property of ginevrasm (Morgan), ladydeathfaerie (Dare), sessys_fangirl (Jehnna), nanaeanaven (Roxxy) and dazzledfirestar (Haley). They are not to be used without permission. I make no money from this, and it is simply a form of entertainment.
Warnings: M/F sexual situations, violence (lots of it), World War 2 AU (yes, that's a warning)

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5
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Title: The Flight of The Valkyrie
Fandom: something like the Marvel Universe
Rating: 18 and up
Warnings: lots of sex and violence, language, anything else i can toss in. flagrant abuse of a Scots accent and loads of pirates. much badly mangled pirate speech
Disclaimer: the recognizable characters and places contained herein are the property of Marvel. i'm merely borrowing for the sake of entertainment. no money is being made from this venture. the Sues are the sole property of their originators, Ginevra, Dazzledfirestar, Nanaea, SilverFoxChan and ladydeathfaerie. the concept and title of The Mary Sue Virus are used with permission from Dazzledfirestar.

The Flight of the Valkyrie
ChapterTitleTimelineMajor EventsCharacters
Chapter OneFighting, Feasing and Fuckingday 0the crew of The Valkyrie celebrate another victory on the seas by putting into port at Kennewycke and drinking some rum and ale at The Black Unicorn. whilst there, Dare is approached by the place's owner, Ophelia, who tells her that her mysterious stranger is awaiting her upstairs. Dare responds by saying she'll go up when she's good and ready. those plans are dashed by the intrusion of a strange man, who sets into motion a series of events that will change the lives of five fierce pirate wenches forever.Dare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Roxxy, Ophelia
Chapter TwoA Curious Sense of Déjà Vuday 0Remy and Morgan are on their way back from a date when they realize something is wrong at the X-mansion. they find that Trevor Fitzroy is there, demanding that Xavier turn over a girl. they involve themselves in the fight and just when it looks like Fitzroy will be defeated, he opens a portal and escape through it. he also sends Remy through it. Remy finds himself thrown back in time. even worse, he finds himself in a time where he sees familiar faces. only one of them knows his face in return. Dare takes Remy back to the ship to have a discussion, which is disrupted by her mystery man, Lord Anthony Stark. who thinks Remy is someone elseDare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Roxxy, Faye, Logan, Remy, Charles Xavier, Henry McCoy, Piotr Rasputin, Tony Stark, Trevor Fitzroy
Chapter ThreeA Sea of Intriguesday 0the patrons at The Black Unicorn have their celebration interrupted by the appearance of a strange man. the situation becomes confusing when Dare escorts him from the place as if she's known him all her life, with no explanation to anyone. speculation runs rampant over who the stranger is and how she knows him. Rosemary's lover, James Howlett, lets the girls in on the strange man's identity, which prompts them to head back to the ship. that's where they find Dare and her mystery man being confronted by Anthony Stark. Dare has her discussion with Stark back at the Black Unicorn, revealing that he is more to her than a supposed lover and that she's in trouble deeper than the sea.Dare, Haley, Morgan, Roxxy, Faye, Logan, Remy, Tony Stark, Bobby Drake
Chapter FourThe Calm Before the Storm days 1 to 5Jehnna wakes in Piotr's bed and spends a little more time with him before she has to return to the ship. once out to see, Morgan watches Remy and considers herself a fool for ever letting Robert Lord on her ship. she hadn't made a big deal over it, though, because she was in no frame of mind to explain the things she knew about Lord. her thoughts turn to Bobby and her relationship with him until she's interrupted by a crewmate who informs her about a coming storm. Remy questions Dare about her life on the seas and how she met the others. the ship is battered by a storm that nearly costs Dare her life, but then salvation comes in the form of a big, burly blonde on a Viking long shipDare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Remy, Piotr, Thor
Chapter Five Thor's Hall days 5 & 6 the crew of The Valkyrie finds themselves safe and warm in Thor's hall. everyone is sleeping, except for Remy, who is thinking over the storm and the familiar faces he keeps seeing. he is pulled from his thoughts by Dare's body against his and the obvious nature of her dreams. in the present, Logan and Dare are in the Professor's office. she's demanding that he do something more to find Remy. Logan is worried that she's growing more unstable with her guilt when she singes the mark of her hand into Xavier's desk, her power keep climbing higher and higher. Haley and Rosemary encounter Thor when they waken in the morning. he offers the girls the use of his bathing house. he interrupts them in the middle of their bath to announce a feast in their honor taking place that evening. Haley is approached by Clint, his intention being to get her alone and ask questions about Dare and Remy for Tony. they head outside to enjoy the night air. Thor confronts Tony about his feelings for Dare, which ends with Thor showing Tony what he would do, were Dare his wench. Dare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Roxxy, Faye, Remy, Thor, Tony, Clint, Charles Xavier, Logan
Chapter SixThe Art of Observation day 6 Rosemary is pondering over the evening's events and other things when she's approached by a member of Stark's crew, Henry McCoy. Remy returns from the privy to find that Dare is gone and engages Jehnna in a short conversation. Thor takes Dare to his private chambers. she tries actively to leave. he thinks their fighting is foreplay. Tony realizes he's drunk off his ass. Steve helps him to bed and ends up acting as Tony's body pillow for the evening. Morgan and Bobby share a bed for the night and Bobby once again asks Morgan to say yes. she tells him no, prompting him to committing himself all the more to wearing her down.Dare, Jehnna, Morgan, Rosemary, Remy, Henry McCoy,  Thor, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bobby Drake
Chapter Seven Past, Present, and Future day 6 abandoned by her shipmates, Jehnna takes a moment to ponder her past. then she's approached by a sweet young man whom she takes with her to bed for a night of uncomplicated passion. Haley and Clint walk the hall's grounds. he asks her about being a pirate, telling her he doesn't believe she's part of the crew. Haley challenges him to a sword fight to prove that she is a pirate. their sword fight eventually turns carnal and they have sex on a bench before retiring to a bedchamber where they make use of the bed within. Steve finds out Tony has wandering hands. Tony wakes with a hangover. Rosemary dreams of things she doesn't understand. Henry wakens her, thinks she might be ill, and goes to seek out a wench for broth. Rosemary ponders her visions and wonders what exactly they all mean. Haley, Jehnna, Roxxy, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Henry McCoy
Chapter Eight Come the Morning Light day 7 Dare dreams of Robert Lord and wakens to Thor. when he suggests they pick up where they left off the night before, Dare tells him she'd had enough and ends up starting a fight with him. the fight spills over into the hallway. Remy disrupts the fight and she leaves with him after delivering one last warning to Thor. Haley wakens to Clint bringing her pleasure. he ruins things by asking her questions about Dare and  Remy. she flees, attempting to get away from him and lick her wounds, but he follows. and she panics. loses control and becomes a living statue where he can see her. Haley hides from him on the ship, afraid of what he must think of her. in the present, Morgan is alone and wallowing in her sadness. she misses Remy but doesn't understand why. Faye confronts her about her feelings, but the talk is put on hold when they see Dare on the lawn, angry and ready to lose control. Logan calms her and takes her back inside. in the past, days go by as the girls and the rest of the crew work to make The Valkyrie sea worthy again. Samuel Lord is given news he's been waiting for for five long years. the location of his brother's murderer.Dare, Haley, Morgan, Faye Remy, Logan, Thor, Samuel Lord
Chapter Nine The Heat of the Moment day 10another feast is being held. Remy is contemplating all that's happened the past few days. his thoughts are brought around to Dare, who is busy glaring at Tony Stark. she picks a fight with him before everyone in the hall. the two battle with swords until Haley breaks them apart. Haley and Dare argue, with Haley threatening to dunk her in the bay to cool her off. she reaches for Dare as if to do just that, but that touch sees the two of them stripping one another down for more carnal pursuits. an orgy ensues as one by one, men and women in the hall fall prey to the lust on the air. in the present, Haley seeks out LoganDare, Haley, Roxxy, Remy, Tony Stark, Bobby Drake,Henry McCoy, Clint Barton, Thor, Steve Rogers, Logan
Chapter Ten Aftermath day 11 the aftermath of the orgy. everyone wakes up in a bedchamber in groups of threes. no one can remember exactly everything that happened and there is speculation that something prompted them to all fall into bed with one anotherDare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Roxxy, Remy, Tony Stark, Henry McCoy, Clint Barton, Bobby Drake, Thor, Steve Rogers,
Chapter Eleven Dirty Little Secrets day 12 Bobby tests the water for Morgan and Jehnna, to see what the other remember about the night before. he finds that no one remembers anything about the orgy.  Remy takes a seat at the tables in the hall that night, tired from working to prep the ship for departure in the morning. after the meal, when Dare has gone to the privy, the doors to the hall open to allow a newcomer into the room. Remy learns the stranger is Samuel Lord, Robert Lord's younger brother, and he's there seeking his brother's murderer. Dare hides upon seeing Lord and falls into memories of her past. she's brought out of them by Tony. they get into a fight that only come to an end when Remy interrupts. he takes Dare with him to the bath house where they make love.Dare, Haley, Remy, Bobby Drake, Thor, Tony Stark, Samuel Lord
Chapter TwelveLeaving days 12, 13 Rosemary heads outside to enjoy the openness of the island one last time before they set sail. she encounters a man who claims to be James' son and realizes that he's responsible for the orgy the night before. when she returns to the hall, she overhears some of Dare's conversation with Stark. when leaving, she finds Clint behind her. Clint joins Haley and tries to tell her about what he's overheard. Haley distracts him by telling him she wants to see him naked and the two spend the night in bed together. Jehnna spends her last hours in the hall breaking her fast and talking to some of the refugee Witchbreed Thor is sheltering. she makes a promise to steal a ship and come get them and take them away to the land where Roxxy comes from, where they can live without fear. when Haley wakes, she thinks about the reason she took to the sea. Clint wakes and asks her to stay with him. Haley is tempted, but ultimately walks away from him.Haley, Jehnna, Roxxy,  Clint Barton
Chapter Thirteen Ghosts of the Past days 13, 30 once out to sea, Dare explains everything to her friends. how she was caught and almost put to death for piracy, how she kept her head on her shoulders, the things she's had to do to stay alive. what she's been ordered to do this time. Remy considers all he's heard on deck, trying to understand everything. Roxxy comes to him and tells him not to judge Dare too harshly. she also tells him she knows he comes from a different time. in the present, Logan is frustrated by Purple team's inability to act as a team. Danger Room sessions are not going well and he has no idea how to get the girls back into action. after a mishap with Dare's powers, he sends the girls to the showers but orders Dare to remain behind. Scott shows up and offers to take Dare on in hand to hand in an effort to help her deal with her growing anger. in the past, the crew of The Valkyrie returns to Kennewycke. Ophelia greets Haley at the Black Unicorn and lets her know that she's got a visitor, then leads her upstairs where Stark is waiting. he asks her to bring Dare to him. she refuses and walks out. on the streets, she is attacked by two strangers. she dispatches one but is injured. she turns to look for the other, but goes to her knees and then help comes from the most unexpected placeDare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Roxxy, Remy, Logan, Scott, Ophelia, Tony Stark, Johnny Storm
Chapter Fourteen Missing day 30, 35 Morgan is ready to put The Valkyrie to sea, but that plan is put on hold when she realizes Haley hasn't returned to the ship yet. when Dare hears that Haley met with Stark, she believe him to have done something with Haley. Haley, caught in a fever, dreams of her brother and Jonathan and Clint. Dare confronts Stark and threatens to set his ship on fire if he doesn't tell her where Haley is. Haley wakens to find herself alone with Johnny, who has been caring for her for nearly a week after she was poisoned. she and Johnny have sex, and he asks her to stay with him. when she says no, he tells her he'll stay with her. the door is kicked in and the rest of the girls pour into the room. before Haley can stop her, Dare launches fireballs at Johnny that hit him square in the chest. surprisingly, Johnny does not die.Dare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Roxxy, Harper, Johnny Storm, Clint Barton,  Tony Stark, Steve Rogers
Chapter Fifteen Little White Lies day 35 Haley explains to the girls who Johnny is. she tells them about her brother. and Johnny explains why he isn't dead from Dare's fire. Dare walks out in the middle of the conversation. Morgan agrees to let Johnny sail with them and the get Haley ready to return to the ship. Remy is walking the streets of Kennewycke, looking for Haley, when he senses Dare nearby. he finds her in an alley, looking pale and unwell. she deflects when he asks questions and tells him they should return to the ship as Haley has been found. they're on their way back to the ship when Dare tenses. Remy sees Warren and Ororo coming their way. Warren calls him Robert Lord, then addresses Dare by another name. she puts on an act and chatter ensues. when Warren asks Robert if he's married Isabell, Remy goes out on a limb and says yes. they go to the Black Unicorn to celebrate. Tony and Clint are on the docks when Haley is returned, carried in Johnny's arms. shortly after, a member of Stark's crew arrives to announce that he heard that Lady Isabell and Robert Lord were married. Dare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Roxxy, Faye, Remy, Johnny Storm, Ororo Monroe, Warren Worthington III, Ophelia, Clint Barton, Tony Stark
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Like everyone else, I thought this would be a wonderful idea. It stops me from having to put a long list of chapters on every entry, and it makes things easier for all concerned to find what they're looking for.

So, without further ado, here's the index.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
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Okay. I've been waffling about this since I posted chapter 1,  but I think this one needs to live here too. This will be the index post (yippee for starting early this time!) for Invasion:MSV. I don't have any other chapters really solidly done at the moment, but I'm working on it, I swear. I'm not going to repost the first chapter, simply link the post in my journal to this one. Hopefully, I'll have another chapter up soon, and that will be posted here in the MSV comm. :D Okay, I'll stop babbling now.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters here. They and the world this is set in are the property of Marvel Entertainment. The Purple Team is the property of [ profile] ginevrasm, [ profile] ladydeathfaerie, [ profile] nanaeanaven, [ profile] sessys_fangirl and [ profile] dazzledfirestar. They are not to be used without permission. I make no money from this, and it is simply a form of entertainment.
Warnings: graphic M/F sex, language, preg, and as always, angst

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25, Chapter 26, Chapter 27, Chapter 28, Chapter 29, Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Epilogue


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