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Title: The Flight of The Valkyrie
Chapter Fifteen: Little White Lies
Fandom: something like the Marvel Universe
Rating: 18 and up
Warnings: lots of sex and violence, language, anything else i can toss in. flagrant abuse of a Scots accent and loads of pirates. much badly mangled pirate speech
Disclaimer: the recognizable characters and places contained herein are the property of Marvel. i'm merely borrowing for the sake of entertainment. no money is being made from this venture. the Sues are the sole property of their originators, Ginevra, Dazzledfirestar, Nanaea, SilverFoxChan and ladydeathfaerie. the concept and title of The Mary Sue Virus are used with permission from Dazzledfirestar.

The Flight of the Valkyrie - The Index

The rooms were small and cramped. There was nothing for them to sit on, even though Haley's young man had already disappeared to allow them time to themselves. Naturally he'd put clothes on first. Then he'd muttered something about checking the perimeter and he'd slipped out the door. Dare had eyed him the whole time. The moment he'd gone, she'd found a bottle of rum and brought it back to the bed where Haley still sat. Only now she was wearing one of the strange man's tunics and her hands were in her lap, fingers twisting around one another absently. She'd had a swallow of rum but, as yet, had refused to say anything to any of them.

Morgan sighed and decided that someone would have to get the ball rolling. "`Ooo is `ee, `Aley? And why `ave we found you `ere wis `im?"

"And how is it he can absorb my fire?" Dare asked, her voice quiet and even. That was not a good sign. The Scots wench was at her most dangerous when she was rational. Morgan shot her a look meant to silence her. The woman only took the bottle of rum and went to lean up against the wall.

"His name is Jonathan Storm. And he was my life before I took to the seas," Haley told them softly. Morgan could hear a touch of something gentle in the woman's voice, some kind of longing tinged with loss.

"He holds your heart?" Jehnna asked the redheaded woman. Haley only nodded and let her gaze drift around the room so that she looked at each one of them.

"I was to marry him. It was a good match, one my father made with my wants and desires kept in mind. Jonathan and I loved each other very much. And we would have been married, had it not been for my brother."

"He did not approve of the match?" Rosemary asked, though there was a hint of confusion to her voice. No doubt the other woman was able to smell Haley's emotional state.

"Harper was happy for me. He and Jonathan were best friends. They had been all their lives. Where one went, the other was sure to follow. And so was I," Haley told them, a small smile curling up her lips when she said the last. "Harper was very happy for me. For both Jonathan and I."

"So what `appened?" Morgan asked.

"One night, the local magistrate came to our home and demanded my father turn Harper over to the authorities. He was in league with Satan, the magistrate said. He had to pay for his sins. And when my father thought to refuse, the magistrate gave him an ultimatum. Either my father handed over Harper or he handed over my mother." Haley paused and swallowed, obviously caught in the painful memory. When she spoke again, there was a distinct note of pride in her voice. "My father told the magistrate that he would have to catch Harper if he wanted him."

"He caught Harper eventually, didn't he?" Rosemary's voice was quiet, but no one could miss the growl of anger in it. Haley nodded and glanced down at her hands, fingers twisting and twining around each other over and over again in agitation.

"What did the bastard do tae yer brother, Haley? Did he stone him tae death? Press him? Hang him?"

"He burnt him at the stake," Haley whispered. Her hands pressed together so tightly that her knuckles went white. No one could miss the tears in her voice, thick and clogging.

"Bastard," Dare grumbled and took a drink of the rum. "If ye want, I'll burn him. Without the stake." Morgan didn't think any of them could miss the wicked sense of glee that colored the other woman's words. Haley didn't respond to Dare's suggestion.

"What happened after that, Haley?" Jehnna glanced at the Scots wench with a slight scowl, as if trying to say she should never have suggested such a thing. Dare gave her a look that said she wasn't bothered at all. And she'd meant it when she'd offered to burn the man.

"After Harper's death, I realized that I couldn't put Jonathan in danger. I knew I had to leave so that he wouldn't be caught in the same trap that my father was. I couldn't subject him to those things. So I went to him one night shortly before the marriage was to take place. I convinced him that I couldn't wait and I..." Haley broke off and flushed ever so slightly. But she forced herself to continue. "We spent the night together. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever experienced. It was so hard to leave him, but I knew I had to. I wouldn't put him through what my family went through."

"Ye didnae ken he was the same as ye? As all o' us?" Dare asked.

"No. He'd never given me a single clue that he was Witchbreed. I only just found out when you came in." Her gaze slid to where Dare stood so that she could turn a frown on the woman. "You could have killed him. Why?"

Dare snorted and set the bottle of rum down with a faint thud. Arms crossed over her chest, she glared at the redhead. "I didnae ken who he was. Ye've been missing for nigh unto a sennight. We thought ye'd been taken against yer will."

"We felt it would be better to rescue you by any means necessary, Haley. When we found this in an alley, we didn't know what to think." Rosemary held up a blade that had been bloodied. It was Haley's sword, the one she'd lost when she'd fallen into unconsciousness. The blood dried to the metal's edge was brown and crusty. The sword would need a good cleaning and sharpening before it was ready for a fight again. "The door was locked. And when it opened, we found you naked with a man we believed to be your captor. Dare was concerned with your well being. No one else's."

"You could have killed him," Haley said again.

"But she didn't kill me, Haley." His voice sounded in the open door. As one, they all turned to face the blonde that had been in the room with Haley. His blue eyed gaze slid to where Dare was helping herself to his rum. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. But I couldn't. I had no way of knowing how you would react to such news. Especially after what happened to Harper."

Haley turned to look at him. "I thought I was protecting you by leaving."

"I know that, Haley. That's why I followed you. That's why I've searched for you all these years. I realized when you left that there was something... I couldn't let you go," Jonathan told her.

The only sound that came was a snort from Dare, who wandered away from her spot by the wall to the small chest that they knew contained clothes and the like. Not caring if the man would be upset by her prying, she opened the chest and began digging through the contents. Haley's corset came out of the interior, along with the breeches she'd been wearing the day she'd disappeared. The last thing Dare tugged out was Haley's belt. Then the Scots wench made a show of returning everything to its original position before closing the lid and carrying those three items she'd found to the bed.

"Get dressed, Haley." Dare said casually, then returned to the rum and picked the bottle up.

"I can't, Dare," the redhead replied evenly.

Her words earned her a scowl from the Scots wench, but she wasn't the one who voiced the obvious question. "And why is zat, `Aley?" Morgan asked for all of them.

"I've spent the past sennight delirious and ill." Haley picked at the coarse blanket covering her legs and frowned. "Someone attacked me in the alley where you found my sword. I was poisoned. If not for Jonathan, I would have died there."

Jehnna's eyes flicked from Haley to the man and back again. She frowned ever so slightly. "Jonathan took care of you for a week? Here? Alone?"

He took the opportunity to answer for her. All eyes turned to him, watching him carefully. "I had the help of a healer. But yes. I took care of her. She's only just woken from her delirium. And I don't think she's strong enough to make the trek to the harbor and your ship just yet."

Another snort from Dare. Haley turned an exasperated expression the woman's way. Dare only stared at her a moment, shrugged, then grimaced and set the rum down. Without a word to the rest of them, she turned and made for the door. It was a curious thing because Dare never walked away from any kind of fight and she'd been spoiling for one since they'd discovered Haley was missing. She went out the door and disappeared, the sound of her boots stomping down the wooden hallway until they eventually faded into nothing.

"`Aley? Is zis true?" Morgan asked, not bothering to wonder about Dare and whether or not they'd lose another week at sea because one more of her crew had gone missing. She had no doubt that the Scots wench would put down anyone who attacked her without a second thought.

"Aye, Morgan. I only just recovered my senses today," Haley told them. No one made mention of the fact that she and Jonathan had been discovered without their clothes on at all. Then again, if she hadn't seen him since before turning pirate...

Morgan shrugged effortlessly, a gesture that meant everything and nothing. "Zen we shall `ave to carry you back to zee ship, `Aley. We cannot stay `ere any longer. You know that it is too dangerous for us to remain in zee harbor." Morgan didn't mention what Dare had shared with them after leaving Thor's island. There was no need to let anyone else know such things. Haley nodded and sighed, no doubt understanding the danger they'd been under simply by staying to look for her. "You will finish recovering your energy on zee sloop."

"But if we're attacked..." Haley began. Morgan held up her hand and brought the redhead to silence.

"We will worry about zat if and when it `appens. For now, you should make yourself ready. We will be leaving `ere soon. Zee tide will be going out in a few `ours and we must be to sea before it does."

"I won't leave him, Morgan," Haley insisted softly. Her eyes went to where Jonathan stood and she offered him a smile. "I left him once before. I won't do it again. If you say that Jonathan has to stay here, then I'll have no choice but to stay behind. I don't want to do that. I know what's at risk."

Morgan heaved a sigh and thought about it. Did she dare take another strange man to sea with them? So far, Remy had proved able at any task given him and he hadn't complained at all. Some of the men had taken a liking to him and he told the most fantastical stories Morgan had ever heard. But most importantly, this was the first time she'd seen Dare open up in all the years she'd known her.

Decision already made, she turned to look at the blonde even though she addressed her comments to Haley. "`Ee will `ave to work `ard if `ee is to be part of zee crew. `Ee will follow zee orders given `im without complaint. And `ee will sleep with zee rest of zee crew."

"I understand, Morgan," Haley nodded.

Morgan let her gaze take in the young man's form. "I `ope you are good with zee sword, m'sieur. Because we are a pirate ship. We fight for our survival. If you cannot do zis, you will not last on my ship."

"You'll find I'm quite accomplished with the sword, my lady," Jonathan replied without a hint of arrogance in his voice. There was, however, a big helping of cockiness and just a touch of flirtation. Morgan couldn't stop herself from smiling.

"Such flattery," she replied. Then she turned to Haley. "Very well. Your young man may join zee crew."

And God help them all if Dare took the news the wrong way.


His impression of Kennewycke hadn't improved any with each subsequent visit. He supposed it was the height of modern for the times, but Remy was too used to how things in his present had been. Kennewycke was, by present standards, a bustling and modern port town. He'd seen a lot of it in the past week, seeing as he'd been in on the search for Haley with the rest of the girls. He'd told them he was going to go searching on his own in order to have some time to himself, something that was impossible to get on the ship. It hadn't entirely been a lie. He'd done a little searching here and there. But mostly he'd wandered in order to clear his head and consider his options. Because he'd been here for a few months and he was starting to think that he'd spend the rest of his life here.

The town, if you could call it that, was noisy in a way that being cooped up on a ship full of people wasn't. There was always someone yelling, always a dog barking, always a horse whinnying. The clop of hooves and the creak of wagon wheels. And that didn't include the emotional noises that plagued him day and night. Because there was always someone awake. His shields were getting the most intense workout they'd ever had.

He wrinkled his nose as he passed by a gutter fresh with the stench of dirt and piss and shit. The air inside the city's confines always smelled horrid, always made him wish he could be away from people. He couldn't even really escape the smell of dirt aboard the ship, but it was muted there. And the ocean breeze blowing across the deck helped clear the clinging tendrils of unwashed bodies from his nose. He was never going to take showers and soap for granted again. Ever. If... no, when. When he made it home, he was going to spend about six days showering the past off his skin.

A dull ache behind one eye reminded him that it was time to return to The Valkyrie. Too much time spent among too many loud people. Remy couldn't say why his shields were shit here when there were, technically, fewer people to spew their emotions at him than there were in his own time. They just were. And it was a chore to head into town when they put into port for just that reason. A prolonged stay, like they'd had this past week, was damn near killing him.

But he'd promised Dare that he'd help search for Haley. And looking for her was easier on his own. While the Dare in this time was capable of shuttering away her emotions, he'd noticed lately that she was doing so less and less. And she, like the version of her he knew in his present, positively dripped emotion. There were times when her deep guilt and self-loathing grated upon his nerves. He didn't need those emotions, as well as her anger, to cling to his brain while he was trying to find Haley. Such a thing would make it impossible for him to see anything beyond Dare's emotions.

Sighing, he turned and stared back the way he'd come. Kennewycke sat upon a slope. The outer edges of the city sat up higher than those nearest the water, so it was easy to see the port and all the ships anchored there. Even from this distance, he couldn't miss the red and gold paint that marked Anthony Stark's ship. For whatever reason, the man and his crew had remained in port until Haley was found. Remy hadn't seen Stark since Thor's island. It seemed he was, for the moment, keeping his distance from Dare. Given how close Remy suspected she'd come to roasting him, it felt like that was the wisest course of action on Stark's behalf and the Tony Stark he knew was in no way a stupid man.

If he looked to his left, he could clearly see the sloop anchored away from all the other ships. She sat low in the water, her hold filled with provisions for their next trip out to sea. There were people moving across the deck, their actions hurried. He hadn't seen that kind of activity since search parties had been sent out that first day upon realization that Haley was missing. Which meant it was definitely time to get back to the ship. Someone must have heard or found something.

If he was lucky, they'd be sailing soon.

The trip back to the docks was one filled with dodging small children, grown adults, persistent animals, and the occasional pile of crap. Of course they'd found him a pair of boots that fit because there was no way he was going to run barefoot the way the girls did. But he was as disinclined to step into anything disgusting while wearing the boots as he was when barefoot. So Remy picked his way down the cobbled road carefully.

Each step closer to the inlet saw him squaring his thoughts away. There would be a great deal of work to do in order to get the ship out before the tide left them there for another day. He could think about this shit later. And he had no doubt he would. When he wasn't caught up in the goings on that came with putting a ship out to sea. When the lull happened, and it always did, then he'd be able to think about all the little things that left him worried he'd never see his own time again.

He'd gotten about halfway to the bay when he was pulled up short by a thick finger of emotion. Rather, emotions. He told himself that it was none of his business, but there was a familiar feel to the tangle of emotions. He found himself, much against his will, trying to untangle it and see what was going on. Figure out who it was. A moment later, he found himself turning into the alley in which he was sure he'd find the owner of those emotions. It was dark and close, and it smelled so strongly of disgusting things that he was afraid he'd vomit. A few steps into the alley showed him that someone had done just that. He navigated his way around someone's breakfast in order to move deeper into the alley.

Remy had a bad feeling about the whole thing. What had touched him had been fear and confusion, both in heavy amounts. What had surprised him was that those emotions belonged to Dare and he had to wonder what could possibly be so wrong that she would be hiding in the darkened depths of a filthy alley.

He found her sitting on a crate, hidden away from prying eyes by a few other crates that had been stacked high around the one to provide a kind of alcove. She sat with her elbows resting on her knees, arms folded across them. Her head was bent over her arms, hair hanging down to hide her face. For a moment, he simply stared at her, watched the way her back shifted with each breath. There was a touch of sweat staining the material of her shirt. He intentionally scuffed the ground as he inched closer, working his way around a smaller pile of vomit, in order to alert her to his presence.

Dare lifted her head slowly to look up at him, giving Remy a good view of her face. It was pale and sweat dotted the skin on her forehead. Just above her lip. In her eyes, he could see the fear and confusion he'd felt coming off her out on the street. While he'd felt confusion and fear on her before, it had always been one or the other. Never both at the same time. Something had her deeply upset.

"What de matter, Dare?" he asked her softly. She didn't answer right away, but he watched her gaze shift to the fresh vomit near his feet. Sight of it only sent her emotions tumbling into overdrive. She brought her gaze back to him, though Remy wasn't sure what part of him she was looking at, and did her best to just breathe. It was a slow, deep, unsteady breath. Something had her rattled like he hadn't seen her since... since Samuel Lord had shown up in Thor's hall. "Dare. Petit. Tell me you troubles."

She snorted and shook her head. "`Tis naught ye can do anathing aboot."

"You don' know dat unless you tell me what you troubles are," he replied.

"`Tis nothing ye should concern yourself with." The stubborn tone to her voice let him know she wasn't going to spill anything to him. Not just yet. So he let it go. There was no reason to start a fight with her. Not when she was so obviously not herself. Remy was fairly sure that she'd tell him when she was ready. "We found Haley. I believe `tis time tae return tae the ship. We should be settin' sail soon."

That was good news. The sooner they got away from Kennewycke, the better. Remy watched as Dare heaved a sigh, then pushed to her feet. Almost immediately, she wobbled and it looked like she'd topple right over. One of his hands shot out and took hold of her arm even as she put a hand on the crate beside her with which to steady herself. "You feelin' dizzy, petit?" he asked without letting go of her arm.

"Of course no'," she claimed, pasting a smile on her face that only served to enhance the fact that she was not running at one hundred percent. She gently tugged her arm from his hold and made a show of slapping dirt and dust off her breeches. "We should get back tae the ship. Morgan will have a list of chores tae be done before we can make sail."

"Great. More chores," Remy muttered. The smile she shot him this time was more genuine, though there was still a hint of strain at the corners of her eyes and mouth. He considered offering her his arm so that she could lean upon him, but decided against it because she was too proud to let anyone see her weak. So he let her pass him, took up a position on her right. Hopefully, he wouldn't have to lunge and catch her before they reached the docks.

They had no need for conversation, both of them remaining silent as they followed the cobblestones down to the bay. As with just about any other time he'd been near the docks in daylight hours, there were quite a few people scurrying about. Some of the other ships were making ready to put to sea while a trio of other ships were in the process of dropping anchor.

Kennewycke's small port was always busy. Most ships that docked there were captained by less than savory types. Remy had come to learn that a good deal of them were pirate ships. There were always a few merchant ships and the occasional privateer. Most naval ships seemed to ignore the port. He'd heard chatter from several old sea dogs that no one could ever recall seeing a naval ship make port at Kennewycke. Some said a spell had been cast upon the inlet centuries ago, ensuring that it would be a safe haven for the less savory sailors on the water. And so long as those same sailors took care to protect Kennewycke, Kennewycke would protect them in return.

That didn't mean that they didn't get the occasional vessel in port that wasn't a pirate ship. Or a merchant vessel. Or a privateer. So long as the crew on board a ship meant no harm to the town, they could find their way into the bay. And, as they neared the docks, Remy could see that today was a day when one of those rare, privately owned ships had found its way into port. There was nothing particularly memorable about the ship, the hull painted a pale grey that made it easy to spot against the dark blue of the ocean.

He and Dare had almost made it to the docks when he felt her tense beside him, then she stopped walking altogether. Remy shot a look her way to find that she was staring straight ahead, at a snarl of people standing at the edge of the road leading up toward the town. Even as he watched, her face paled. For a moment, he couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. Then a familiar voice cut the air and every eye turned their way. "Robert? Robert Lord? Robert, you devil. It is you!"

Remy had thought he'd gotten over his ability to be shocked by seeing someone he knew in another time. But he'd been wrong. Because seeing Warren's face, smiling and pleased and filled with recognition, was throwing Remy for a big loop. Especially since the recognition was for someone else entirely. Dare's hand found his and took hold of it, her palm clammy, and gave his fingers a squeeze. A glance in her direction showed him there was a wild look in her eyes. It fought for dominance with the silent plea that begged him for help.

The man who looked like Warren cut his way through the crowd, lingering and growing thicker as the moments ticked by. Another jolt of surprise shot through Remy to see the woman at the other man's side. It left him with a momentary need to turn and flee, to get out of there before things got any worse. And he might have done it, too. Might have found a way to extricate himself from the whole mess. But Dare's hand still clung to his. And she was petrified. Her fear poured into him through the spot where their skin made contact and it poured into him through his own gifts.

He risked an actual glance her way. She'd gone very still, her face terribly pale. There was in her eyes a hint of the panic she felt, darkening them to storm cloud grey. It almost felt like she was folding in on herself. Not even when she'd come face to face with Samuel Lord had she reacted so violently. He gave her hand a squeeze in an effort to let her know silently that it would be okay. It brought her gaze swinging toward him and something came screaming to life in her gaze. He realized then that she knew the man moving toward them. As surely as he had known Robert Lord, Dare knew him.

Well. When you put it that way...

"Robert! `Tis a good thing to see you alive and well. We'd heard rumors you'd met your demise and..." Warren's look alike came to an abrupt halt when he got a good look at Remy's eyes. Right. Remy had done a little research on Robert Lord and had found out that the only thing that kept him from being a perfect double for the other man was the color of his eyes. "Good God, man! Your eyes. What happened?"

"My lord Worthington. Fancy meeting you here," Dare said, stepping forward ever so slightly to put herself between Remy and the other man. For a moment, Remy forgot to be in shock because of another familiar face and decided to be in shock because not an ounce of Scotland could be heard in Dare's voice.

"Lady Isabell? I barely recognized you. How did you and Robert come to be here?" Lord Worthington dropped his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "This place is purported to be rife with pirates."

"Kennewycke is home to many pirate ships, `tis true," Dare conceded softly. Remy noted she was careful to keep her status as a pirate silent. "Which makes me wonder how you found yourself berthed in the harbor."

"My ship encountered pirates and took damage. A merchantmen came to our aide. He told us of this place. He said we could make repairs here. Restock the supplies stolen from us."

"You must have been aided by Captain Howlett. He's friend to one and all who sail these waters."
Dare sounded so careful. It took Remy a moment or two to realize that she was playing a role, that she was presenting to the newcomers an image of who they thought she was. Worthington stared at her a heartbeat longer, then shifted his blue gaze back to Remy. There was scrutiny in his gaze as it swept Remy up and down, taking in everything from his eyes to his boots and the cutlass at his waist.

"Robert, my friend. You've said nothing so far. Is anything amiss?"

"Of course not," Remy said, working the Cajun from his voice as if it had never been. If they were playing roles, he would prove he was as fine an actor as the woman at his side. "Merely surprised to find you here in Kennewycke."

There was a moment's surprise from Dare, then it was gone under a new wash of fear. Remy had to wonder what the trouble was this time. There was no time to find out because Worthington was stepping close in order to whisper in Remy's ear. "You're not being held against your will, are you? I can lend aid if you have a need."

"I have no need. I'm here of my own free will." Well, it was mostly true.

"But your eyes, man."

"Witchbreed curse," Dare interjected quietly, adding the slightest bit of regret and sorrow to her voice. She didn't need to fake the fear. The other man looked from Remy to Dare and back again, gaze considering.

"Is that where you've been these past years? Captured by Witchbreed?"

"Warren." Her voice was just as Remy remembered it. He watched as a delicate hand reached out to settle on Warren's arm. "Perhaps it is a memory he does not wish to revisit. And you are being rude."

"Of course. My manners." Warren reached out to take hold of the hand on his arm, then he tugged her closer to them. There were too many bodies, too many people. Remy could feel their curiosity pressing against him and it was enough to drive him mad. "Robert, Lady Isabell, I would like for you to meet Ororo. My wife."

"A pleasure to meet you, Lady Worthington," Dare intoned, letting go of his hand to drop into a curtsey that looked picture perfect even without skirts. Remy took it as a cue and bent at the waist in a bow. When he rose up, it was to find that Warren was eyeing the two of them consideringly.

"And you, Lady Isabell. I've heard much about both you and Robert." There was a smile on Ororo's face that said she had heard nothing but good. Remy wasn't sure how Robert Lord had known Warren, but it must have been in some kind of friendly manner.

"What of you, Robert? Have you finally settled down and made Lady Isabell your bride? Last we spoke, you were considering it. Tell me you've given up mourning and taken her as your wife." Remy didn't have to be touching Dare to feel the panic at Warren's words. He wasn't sure if it was because of Warren's question or the information that Robert had apparently been considering wedding her. Would Dare have married Lord if the man had asked?

The crowd was hanging on their every word. Even now, there was a soft murmur of words rippling through the gathered throng, a sense of expectation building. Remy gave it a few seconds of deliberation before making the decision. It was a bad idea in all the worst ways. But it was the perfect way to explain a few things, should anyone ask questions. And, if what he'd discovered was correct, it would extend a layer of protection to Dare that he didn't even think that Stark could offer her. He'd beg for forgiveness later, if he had to. For now, he was going to do what he could to protect her. And the people she cared about. "I have." One hand reached out and caught her hand again without looking, lifted it without resistance to his mouth so that he could press a kiss to it.

"Then congratulations are in order. Come. We'll go to the pub and have a round in celebration!" Warren exclaimed. He turned to look at the crowd surrounding them. "Drinks are on me! Lead the way, gentlemen!"

A cheer went up, then they were swept up by everyone's enthusiasm. As one, the crowd headed back up into town toward the Black Unicorn. Dare was blank beside him, all of her emotions locked away so tightly that he couldn't touch them. Remy worried he'd upset her, but there would be time to sort that all out later, once they were out to sea again. For now, they'd go up to the Black Unicorn and let Warren buy drinks for the crowd to celebrate a sham of a wedding between two people who didn't exist.

There was much chatter among the people clustered around them and Remy picked up snippets here and there. Someone was laughing raucously about which of them wore the pants in the family. Another pair were discussing whether or not Dare was already carrying his child. Still another pair were wondering aloud why such joyous news had been kept private for so long. Remy's head wanted to split with the buoyant cloud of emotions that hung over them just as much as it wanted to split from the noise that built and grew around them.

The crowd spilled through the doors of the Black Unicorn. It reminded Remy of the way waves were pushed up onto the beach when the weather was rough. Warren and Ororo were there to flank Remy and Dare, to urge them toward the bar. Dare almost stumbled when she spied Ophelia behind the bar, pouring out a few measures of ale. "Madam Ophelia!" Warren said, voice filled with happiness. "A round of your best on me. To the happy couple!"

Remy could tell Ophelia was confused by the statement, her eyes shifting back and forth among everyone to see if she could figure out who Warren was talking about. But she filled tankards that were thrust her way before pouring out fresh ones for those who didn't have a drink yet. It took a couple minutes for her to get a drink to everyone, the last four she poured out being handed to Warren, Ororo, Dare, and Remy himself. Finally, when everyone had a tankard, Warren lifted his high. The crowed followed suit, Ophelia's own crystal goblet of rich red wine included.

"A toast to the happy couple and my friends. Robert Lord, Marquess of Dormenshire, and his lovely bride, Lady Isabell MacKenzie!" Warren called out.

"Huzzah!" the crowd cheered. Tankards were tipped and ale was swallowed down. The only person who didn't partake of their beverage was Ophelia, who was staring at him as if she'd stumbled upon a big secret. Then she turned that look on Dare.

"Robert Lord?" Ophelia asked. "Lass, why didn't you tell me? And just what have you gotten yourself into?"

Dare didn't answer the woman, instead swallowing down the ale in her tankard as if it would make her drop through the floor and disappear from view. When Ophelia turned that sharp, considering gaze Remy's way, he hoped fervently that Dare took him with her when she went. That look meant no good. No good at all.


The docks were nearly empty for the time of day, especially with the turning of the tide so close. There should have been people scurrying about, making preparations for their ships to set sail before the tide went out and left them in port for another twelve hours. It was odd that the docks were so still. They were generally a flurry of activity, no matter what time of day. Something odd was afoot if the only souls he spied around the docks were the ancient harbor master and his equally ancient dog. Throw Clinton into that mix and that made for three lonely souls in a port that was almost always teeming with life.

Clinton sighed and let his gaze shift over to the black hull of The Valkyrie. True to form, Morgan had anchored her farthest from the docks, but closest to the open mouth of the inlet. The crew was busy moving back and forth on deck in a manner that suggested that they were getting ready to put to sea. Clinton wondered about that. Last he'd heard, they were still hunting the town for their missing shipmate.

Much as it did any time he stopped for a moment, his thoughts turned to Haley Stone and the look of regret in her eyes as she'd walked out of that bedroom on Thor's island. She'd wanted to stay. Clinton was sure of it. He hadn't been imagining such things. She'd wanted to stay with him. But something had sent her back to her ship. He wasn't sure if it was simply duty or if she'd gone because she'd been afraid. Afraid of what, he couldn't be sure. Perhaps because he'd learned her secret.

There had been rumors about the women who sailed The Valkyrie for as long as the ship had been sailing the Seven seas. While a female captain wasn't unheard of, a crew of five women was. And the fact that they'd been together, sailing and pirating as long as they had, was the stuff of legends. Tales had been told of pacts with ancient sea gods and even the Devil himself to explain their longevity. Their success. The authorities had long been hunting the ship and its crew. Each time they evaded the Queen's Navy, the stories got bigger. Bolder. So naturally there were stories about the crew being Witchbreed.

Clinton was starting to think that perhaps those stories weren't merely stories. Haley had turned to stone. He'd seen it with his very eyes. If she was capable of such a feat, there was nothing to say that her fellow crew members couldn't do something equally amazing and unexplainable. He didn't know if he believe in magic or witches. He couldn't say that what he'd seen Haley turn into was something evil. He wasn't sure it was his place to judge her based solely on things she could and couldn't do. What he was sure of, what he did know, was Miss Haley Stone was a beautiful woman, a smart and capable woman, who had taken hold of her life and decided to live it as she saw fit. He could honestly say he admired that about her.

Truth be told, he'd never met another woman like her. There had been far too many women in his life who had seemed to simply settle for the life that had been thrust upon them by well intentioned fathers and brothers and husbands. His mother had been such a woman, given into a less than ideal marriage by her father in the hopes of securing her a better position in society. Never in his life had Clinton heard her say anything about her husband that had suggested she cared for him in the very deepest sense of the word. Never once had he felt that she was pleased with her lot.

Haley... She controlled her life and her destiny. She chose who and what made her happy. He liked that about her. He liked it about the women she called friends, much as he didn't actually know them. He'd had one encounter with her friend Dare and that had been far more intense than he'd been comfortable with. But that encounter had told him that, like Haley, Dare was a woman who followed no one. Who answered to no man.

Clinton was brought out of his thoughts when a hand dropped onto his shoulder. Speaking of no man. He focused his attention on Anthony and shrugged his shoulders. "Still no sign of her, sir."

"The crew of The Valkyrie will find Haley. Alasdare is the most resourceful wench I've ever had the displeasure to meet." There was a twist to his lips on the last, suggesting that he was upset with the woman in question, upset with himself, or upset with them both.

"Begging your pardon, sir, but how did you meet her? I cannot see the two of you moving in the same social circles."

Anthony stared at him a moment, blue eyes intense. For a moment, just a moment, Clinton thought that the other man would share with him the secret of their first meetings. After their stay on Thor's island and the way the woman had sneered at and belittled their captain at every turn, after Anthony had brushed aside their concern time and time again, the crew of Stark's corvette was wild with speculation as to when and where and how Lord Anthony Stark had met a hellcat pirate wench like Dare.

The moment passed, though, as voices announced someone was arriving at the docks and Stark turned to see who was coming. Clinton watched as his gaze skimmed the group, then a cool and detached air settled over him. Curious. He'd been looking for Dare. Clinton was sure of it. And there was obviously no sign of her in the nearing group.

"... don't care `ow you feel, `Aley! You `have been abed for ze last sennight, fighting off poison. You will go to ze cabin and you will rest. Do not make me post a guard on you." Morgan's voice carried to them, filled with touches of anger, exasperation, and concern. Clinton felt his heart skip a beat at the word poison and didn't realize he'd made a move to go to her until Stark reached out with one hand and kept him in place.

"I'm fine, Morgan. I can at least help with--" Haley began, but halted when Morgan whirled on her.

"I will put Dare on as guard if you cannot remain abed until you are `ealthy enough!" Morgan snapped.

"I'll do Haley's job in her place," a man's voice said. It startled Clinton because he hadn't realized until just then that Haley was being carried by a man he didn't recognize. She looked quite comfortable in his arms, one of hers hooked around the back of his neck while the other rested against his shoulder. His words saw Morgan turning her attention to him. Clinton watched the man, more than a foot taller than her, actually took a step back from her.

"And do you know anysing about sailing, M'sieur Storm?" she demanded tartly.

"Aye, Captain. I've spent a good deal of time aboard a ship or two. I believe I can be of valuable service to your crew."

"Very well," Morgan replied, giving a nod of her head as if that decided it for her.

"Morgan, how are we going to get Haley down into the long boat?" Rosemary asked, her gaze shifting to the end of the dock. "I don't know if she's capable of climbing down the ladder."

Clinton considered offering his assistance, but the notion died almost before it fully formed. There was obviously something between Haley and her young man. something that had been there for a good while. Clinton had no right interfering in that something, whatever it happened to be. He couldn't help but think that, should someone put her in his arms now, he might not ever let her go. It looked as if she'd made a decision and he had no right to say anything about that. They'd been nothing more than amazing sex, right?

"I'll climb down the ladder myself. Jonathan can go first to ensure that I make it down without falling into the bay," Haley laughed.

"Captain Lafavre, I see you've located your missing crew member," Anthony called out and started forward. As he'd no doubt intended, it drew all eyes in the small group their way. Clinton heaved a soft sigh and followed after his captain at a much slower pace. He was in no rush to meet Jonathan Storm. And it was plain to see, even from where he stood, that Haley's face had paled when she'd realized he was there.

"We `ave, Captain Stark," Morgan returned.

"Mayhap you can tell me where Alasdare has gotten to. I would like to speak with her before you put to sea."

"I `ave no idea where Dare is. She was wis us when we found `Aley, but she left a short time later and we `ave not seen her since. Per'aps she is up a tree," the petite captain said without a hint of humor in her voice.

"Can Clinton and I offer our assistance with Miss Stone?" Anthony asked solicitously. Clinton couldn't miss the way her eyes widened at the offer.

"Your offer is most generous, Captain, but we will manage on our own. And if we plan to put to sea before ze tide goes out, we should `ead for ze ship. Good day, Captain Stark," Morgan said, giving a slight bow. Then she turned to Rosemary. "Go find Dare. Tell `er we sail in an `our. No matter if she is aboard or not."

"Aye, Morgan." Rosemary gave a nod of her head, then turned and started back up toward town. Clinton stood with Anthony and watched as the four remaining members of the group headed toward the end of the dock where the rope ladder hung over the side. Jonathan Storm put Haley down, leaving her to lean on Jehnna and Morgan, then made quick work of the ladder. Haley went next, taking a moment to cast a glance toward him. Then he head was gone and Clinton was left staring at the spot where she'd just been.

"Women," Anthony said softly. One of his hands clapped Clinton on the back. "Fickle creatures. They toy with your heart, make you think they could very possibly make your life complete. Then they bugger off to do something entirely unhealthy and you're left wondering how they bloody stole your heart and your brains right out from under your nose."

"Sir?" Clinton asked, seeking an explanation.

Anthony gave him a dark look. "Never trust a woman with something as precious as your heart, Clinton. She will use it against you time and time again. `Tis better to take what you will with her, then move on to the next lass that comes along."

It sounded very much like Anthony was speaking from experience. Clinton puzzled at that, because the only woman he knew that Stark had seemingly shown any interest in was Dare. For her part, Dare seemed to loathe everything Lord Stark was. Clinton wasn't sure just what his captain and friend might feel for the woman beyond exasperation. Everything she did seemed to do nothing more than annoy and anger Stark. Was it possible his captain had feelings for the lass?

That couldn't be. Lord Anthony Stark had never held any woman in high affection. Not after his proposal of marriage had been so very publicly spurned by the woman he'd intended to make his bride. Why did he chase after Dare if he wanted nothing beyond a sexual encounter with the wench? Anthony could woo any woman who crossed his path, charm her into his bed without even trying. So what was it about this wench?

There was something going on there. There had to be. Clinton couldn't believe that Stark would chase the Scots woman across the seas if there wasn't something more to their relationship. But what was it? What kept him going back to a woman who so obviously wanted nothing to do with him?

His line of thoughts was broken with the sound of pounding feet on the deck. Parker was headed their way at full speed, an anxious look on his face. A quick glance showed him that a long boat was moving into the open waters of the bay. Anything that Parker had to say would stay between the three of them unless Parker decided to shout whatever news he had to the heavens.

"Cap'n! Captain Stark!" The boy was coming at them at full speed and it was plain to see he was anxious about whatever it was he had to report.

"Good lord, Parker. There's no need to shout. Not everyone needs to hear what you've got to say."

Parker came to a sudden halt only inches away from Clinton and Anthony and gasped for air. Apparently he'd run a good distance in order to deliver his news. Both Clinton and Anthony waited as patiently as possible for the lad to draw enough breath to speak, though based on Stark's posture, he was about at the end of his patience. "Captain. The wench."

Three words. It wasn't much to start with, but it was still a start. Parker went back to sucking in air.

"What wench? There are quite a few wenches in town. You must be specific, boy," Anthony replied, a hint of irritation in his voice.

"The one you called Dare." That didn't sound good.

Anthony bristled. "What about her?"

"Married, sir. She's married." Parker was starting to look a little hesitant, as if he hadn't quite thought his actions through. Based on the way Anthony's jaw had tightened, Parker had reason to be worried.

"Explain yourself."

"I was just in the pub, sir. The Black Unicorn. She came in with that gentleman friend of hers. And a couple of newcomers."

"Worthington?" Stark murmured, mostly to himself. "It must be Worthington. His ship is anchored in the bay. It docked not that long ago."

"Aye, sir. Worthington. He came in with the wench and her man. Ordered a round of drinks for the entire pub. Made a toast, sir."

Anthony's eyes narrowed, his lips pressing into a flat line. "What kind of toast, Parker? Speak up, boy. And don't you dare mince words. Tell me exactly what he said."

"He wanted to toast the happy couple, sir," Parker said, trying to edge back without looking as if he was edging back. "Robert Lord, Marquess of Dormenshire, and his wife, the Lady Isabell MacKenzie."

For a brief moment, everything was silent. Anthony's eyes pinned Parker in his place as he tried to find the lie or the jest or something in the boy's words. Finally, all emotion left his face. All save one. Anger. Burning, fine, brittle rage such as Clinton had never seen on the man's face before. "Mr. Parker. You are to report to The Avenger immediately and tell Rogers that he is to prepare the corvette. We'll be putting to sea as soon as I see to one errand. Then you'll bring the long boat back and await me."

"Aye, sir!" Parker said, then scurried for their long boat.

Clinton waited until the boy was already out in open water before he turned to the other man. "Anthony? What is it? What's going on?"

"The lying Scots bitch," Anthony snarled. "I'll kill her myself."

Well. That didn't sound good. Not at all.


"You need to stop sulking, Morgan. You... I can't help her anymore."

Morgan couldn't ever remember hearing Faye sound so... frightened. She turned from the window to find her Doppleganger across the interior of the cupola, hidden by growing shadows made longer by night's approach.

She spent far more time up here than was likely healthy. But there was nowhere else to go where she could be alone with her thoughts. Nowhere else on the entire grounds was so difficult to get to. The only other people she'd ever encountered up here were Kurt and Dare. Kurt because he could teleport in with ease. Dare because she was a stubborn, hard-headed bitch who didn't know when to give up.

Except for now. She was giving up now because she felt responsible for Remy. Morgan didn't even have to check through the link to know that Dare was back in the wine cellar, raiding the Professor's stock. It felt like everything was spiraling out of control. Worse than way back when, when Dare had been on the streets and Faye had kept warning of fire and death. It felt like Morgan had lost everything and she had no clue how to get it back.

"I can't help her, either, Faye. I can't even help myself. Remy is out there... somewhere. And I can't do anything to bring him back."

"But you can, Morgan. You and Dare and the rest of the team." Faye came closer, sliding out of the shadows like she was one of them. Morgan shook her head and turned back to the open window, stared down at the grounds. She could remember the confusion of that night as plainly as if it had been just a few moments ago, though much of the action was lost to her between the constant jumping and Fitzroy sucking her power out until she'd lost consciousness.

"How are we supposed to find Remy when not even the Professor can find him?"

"Because we can." Faye sounded sure. God, couldn't Faye leave her alone? Just this once? Morgan wanted to be left alone. She didn't want her other half constantly harping on her about Remy. Didn't she understand that there was nothing Morgan could do to bring Remy home?

"We don't know when he is. And even if we did, there's no way to open a portal to that time. And find him. And bring him back. How the hell are we supposed to do that?" Morgan replied, tone dull and lifeless. She was tired of thinking about this. Tired of talking about it. Just plain tired. "As far as I know, Fitzroy is the only one who can open portals in time. And I doubt he's going to help us."

"We don't need him, Morgan. He spoke of a girl. We need to find the girl."

"What girl?"

"The girl!"

"I don't remember anything about a girl."

"Dare does. Go talk to her. She'll tell you. Ask her about the girl." Faye ordered, then disappeared. Morgan frowned. She didn't want to go talk to Dare. She didn't want to have anything to do with the other woman. So much of her guilt and anxiety poured into Morgan through the bond they shared. Enough to make her sick. Enough to make her want to run away and never look back. But Faye was right. Dare was sliding into some kind of madness that felt vaguely familiar. And no one seemed to be able to help her. Not even the Professor was inclined to go monkeying around in the other woman's head. Maybe he was scared of what he'd find there if he really looked.

They were falling apart. Not just she and Dare. She and the entire team. She'd shut them out because the thought of losing anyone else was enough to send her running for the hills. She'd known, back when Haley had asked her to join purple team, that something like this could happen. It was the nature of their job as X-Men that terrible things could happen. To any of them. But she hadn't really known what that meant. Not until now. And she wasn't sure she could handle this kind of thing again. Better, and easier, to not have to worry about anyone else anymore.

Except she couldn't stop worrying. Not about Remy. Not about Dare. Not about her team. And that made her feel like she'd failed them.

Maybe Faye was right. Maybe the girl Fitzroy had been going on about was the key. Whoever she was. Should she go find Dare? Talk to her about the girl? Maybe if Dare had something to concentrate on besides Remy, she'd pull herself back together. Do something productive. Stop killing herself with wine and guilt and self-loathing.

Maybe they could find Remy. Together.

Decision made, she concentrated on Dare and the wine cellar, threw her other self, and disappeared.


Dare was in the corner, a bottle clutched in one hand and hanging between her knees. She didn't acknowledge Morgan's arrival. And she didn't protest when Morgan tugged the wine bottle from her hands, which said a lot about her state of mind. "You need to stop," Morgan said softly.

Dare snorted and rolled her head back and forth against the wall behind it. "Can't. Don't you know I'm a fuck up. Queen of fuck ups, surrounded by her loyal subjects." One hand motioned toward the racks and the bottles contained on them.

"You're not a fuck up," Morgan said, voice hard. Dare rolled her eyes to look at her, then glanced away. Morgan didn't have to see them to know there were tears in them. No time for self-indulgent crying. They had to save Remy. "Tell me about the girl."

"Girl? What girl?"

Morgan settled next to Dare, making sure she put the bottle well out of her friend's reach. "Faye said Fitzroy said something about a girl. Tell me about the girl."

"Oh. He showed up on the lawn, demanding some girl who's supposed to be a student here. He didn't give a name or anything, but I figure she either opens portals like he does or she's a natural battery that will give him an endless supply of energy." Dare glanced at her hands. "I asked Baldie about the girl, but he wasn't copping to anything."

"Huh. Weird." Morgan fell silent a moment, considering what Dare had said. "You think Fitzroy was telling the truth?"

"Maybe? I don't know. Doesn't make sense for him to show up and demand the girl if he wasn't, though." Dare paused, then gave a hoarse laugh that ended on a sob. "Fuck if any of this makes sense. I've been trying to find something that will help, but..."

"You have to stop blaming yourself, Dare. This isn't your fault. What happened to Remy isn't your fault. You were trying to stop Fitzroy. You did what you could."

"I didn't do enough."

"Fitzroy isn't the type you fight with brawn. He's the type you fight with brains," Morgan told her. Dare bristled at that, probably figuring it was meant to be a jab at her manner of tackling problems. Surprisingly, she said nothing about it and instead shrugged one shoulder listlessly. Maybe she was too blitzed to care. Whatever. Morgan pushed on to the reason for her visit. "We need to find the girl, Dare."

She got a slow blink at first, then a look of understanding settled over Dare's face. "How do we do that? Baldie won't give anything up. And what's to stop him from shutting us down?"

"We go around him. We'll have to be careful with our thoughts. Maybe he doesn't listen in to all the student's brains. That would be worthy of a headache. Don't you think? I mean, surely he blocks that stuff off because there are always so many noisy brains here."

"Valid point," Dare conceded. She was starting to sound a little bit like her old self. Morgan took it as a good sign. "So... How do we find this girl? We don't even know if she really exists."

Morgan offered her a smile. "We have a team, right? We use our team to help us find her. Because she exists. She has to exist. And I can't sit around, waiting for the Professor to do something. I can't wait anymore. I'm running out of hope, Dare."

Dare stared at her a moment before slowly pushing to her feet. The sound of her hands slapping dust from her jeans was loud in the silence of the cellar. "Right. We do this as a team, then. Where do we start?" She offered Morgan a hand. Morgan slid her hand into Dare's and allowed the taller girl to pull her to her feet.

"The attic rec room is open. We start there." Faye materialized out of thin air right next to Morgan. "I'll head up there and make sure it stays empty. You two collect the other three members of the team. Then we'll start planning."


"What's going on, Morgan? Why are we here?" Haley asked as she settled into the couch. Two bowls rested on the table before it, one filled with popcorn and one filled with chips. Bottles of unopened water were waiting for someone to pick them up and have a drink. Morgan had to give it to Faye. She'd made sure that the room would be theirs, and she'd made sure there were snacks ready. Something said it was going to be a long planning session.

She let her gaze flick from one face to the next, studying the expression on each one. Haley looked both curious and annoyed. Considering Morgan had found her in Piotr's rooms, it was understandable. She'd apologized profusely for disturbing their fearless leader, but she'd made sure that Haley knew it was important. Haley had promised to be there, then had requested a few minutes to say goodbye to Piotr in private.

Roxxy was harder to read. She appeared, as she almost always did, very placid and mellow. Morgan knew better, knew that the cat underneath was always restless. Always watching. No doubt Roxxy was doing the very same thing just now, waiting patiently to see what kind of trouble Morgan could brew up. Morgan got the impression that, if Roxxy were in her cat form, she'd be curled up on the couch in a ball, one eye slitted ever so slightly so she would see the perfect moment to pounce when it happened.

Jehnna had been holed up in the Bat Cave, scribbling away furiously in her journal. Morgan had been surprised to find her there. There weren't many nights that she couldn't be found with Warren, snuggled up against his side and giggling like she was thirteen. Warren always wore a look that was equal parts innocence and mischief. Dare had fetched her and, given the slightly wary look on her face, she had no idea what was going on. She was probably sure she wasn't going to like whatever it was one bit. Time would tell.

Looking at all of them, Morgan could see the toll Fitzroy's attack and Remy's disappearance had had on them. Morgan and Dare pulling into themselves hadn't helped the situation, either. The team, their team, was on the verge of falling apart. It was time to put a stop to it. It was time to bring them all back together.

"We think we know how to find Remy," Dare said, breaking the tense silence. All eyes turned to her where she leaned up against the wall. She stared at them dead on, the expression in her eyes daring anyone to say that she'd finally lost it. Because they'd been assured for weeks now that there was no way to find Remy.

"How?" Roxxy asked.

"Morgan reminded me a little bit ago that Fitzroy kept mentioning a girl when he attacked," Dare replied, then fell silent. Allowed everyone to think back to that night.

"Right. He kept demanding that we turn the girl over to him. I thought he was being dramatic." This from Jehnna, her confusion easy to read on her face.

"What if he wasn't?" Morgan questioned. "What if he was serious? What if there's a girl here at the institute that can help him in some way?"

"She's either a battery who could supply him with endless energy, or she opens portals like he does. Maybe she's better at it." Dare sounded certain of those two options. Roxxy looked at Morgan a moment, shifted her attention to Dare, then brought it back to Morgan again. Even before she spoke, Morgan could see the denial in her eyes.

"There's no one like that at the school, Morgan. If there was, I'd know. I've seen everyone's files. No one here can do either of those things."

"And what makes you think that Chuck wouldn't lie about something like that?" Dare asked, anger creeping into her voice. Morgan had vague images roll through her head, images of Dare standing before the professor's desk with her hair floating on waves of thermal air. Images of flames and of burning. Morgan shot Dare a look. When had that happened? How was it Morgan hadn't known?

"Why would the professor lie to us?" Jehnna sounded confused. Maybe she'd never considered that the professor would do something like that.

"Why would he tell us the truth?"

"Dare, I think you're letting your paranoia get the better of you," Haley said softly. Morgan cringed and worried that Dare would explode over the comment. She'd been teetering on the edge for too long now.

"Paranoia has kept me alive, Haley." That was all she said. "For whatever reason, Chuck is lying to us. I know. I asked him about the girl. I saw his face. She's here, somewhere in the school. I don't know who she is or what she's capable of. But she's the key to finding Remy. Morgan and I were hoping we could do this as a team. Find the girl, figure out how she can help us bring Remy home. Then do it. Fuck the professor. Fuck anyone who gets in our way. You don't wanna help? Fine. Fuck you. I'll do it myself."

"The girl exists." This from Faye, who was just suddenly standing next to Morgan. She sounded so very sure of herself. "She exists and she can bring Remy home."

Morgan watched as Haley's gaze shifted from Dare to Morgan to Faye. Dare's face was set in anger and determination. Faye radiated quiet certainty. And Morgan... Her expression was one of hope. "How do we find this girl? If the professor is hiding her abilities, it won't be easy for us to find her at all."

"Roxxy has access to student files," Dare said quietly. "We start there."

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Aw, this is wonderful! I'm so glad the girls got the full story from Haley on this. But Remy's definitely gotten Dare into more trouble than she was prepared for, hasn't he? That should be interesting.

Poor Clint... but at least he's not being an ass about it all.

This is great hun. Can't wait to see what comes next!

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I got nothing. I can't even remember what's already been stated about Roxxy in this timeline other than what's in her bio and that she has an occasional thing with Captain Howlett, who was a friend of her father (*cough*cradle-robber*cough*). Feel free to make shit up, hon, or hit me up if you wanna run something by me.

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After looking back over some of the previous chapters I can say that most of Roxxy's story has already come out: Bastard, half-breed daughter. Father dies. Stepmother kicks her out. She ends up a pirate. Reunites with James Howlett and they strike up a relationship. It's all pretty much there. Unless you feel the need to throw in some drama, then by all means, have at it. ~.^

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Go gals go! :) This search should prove more than a little intriguing...looking forward to seeing how it evolves. Dare's so hard on herself, though. :( Poor Dare. What more does she think she could've done?

Seriously though, looking forward to seeing Remy get home...:) Love it!

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You're on a roll, baby! Great chapter. Took me a moment to get my sea legs back, but then it was a hell of a voyage. ;)

I like the way the plot is developing in both times and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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How the hell did I miss this? How? *Sigh* Oh well, at least I noticed it. Eventually.

Man, it's been too long. It took a while for everything to come back to me. Of course, my memory sucks, so.... lol

Great chapter, hon. I like how everything is developing in both timelines. The search for this 'girl' bringing the team back together can only be a good thing. Let's hope Remy can keep out of trouble long enough for the girls to get him back home.
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