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Title: The Flight of The Valkyrie
Fandom: something like the Marvel Universe
Rating: 18 and up
Warnings: lots of sex and violence, language, anything else i can toss in. flagrant abuse of a Scots accent and loads of pirates. much badly mangled pirate speech
Disclaimer: the recognizable characters and places contained herein are the property of Marvel. i'm merely borrowing for the sake of entertainment. no money is being made from this venture. the Sues are the sole property of their originators, Ginevra, Dazzledfirestar, Nanaea, SilverFoxChan and ladydeathfaerie. the concept and title of The Mary Sue Virus are used with permission from Dazzledfirestar.

The Flight of the Valkyrie
ChapterTitleTimelineMajor EventsCharacters
Chapter OneFighting, Feasing and Fuckingday 0the crew of The Valkyrie celebrate another victory on the seas by putting into port at Kennewycke and drinking some rum and ale at The Black Unicorn. whilst there, Dare is approached by the place's owner, Ophelia, who tells her that her mysterious stranger is awaiting her upstairs. Dare responds by saying she'll go up when she's good and ready. those plans are dashed by the intrusion of a strange man, who sets into motion a series of events that will change the lives of five fierce pirate wenches forever.Dare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Roxxy, Ophelia
Chapter TwoA Curious Sense of Déjà Vuday 0Remy and Morgan are on their way back from a date when they realize something is wrong at the X-mansion. they find that Trevor Fitzroy is there, demanding that Xavier turn over a girl. they involve themselves in the fight and just when it looks like Fitzroy will be defeated, he opens a portal and escape through it. he also sends Remy through it. Remy finds himself thrown back in time. even worse, he finds himself in a time where he sees familiar faces. only one of them knows his face in return. Dare takes Remy back to the ship to have a discussion, which is disrupted by her mystery man, Lord Anthony Stark. who thinks Remy is someone elseDare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Roxxy, Faye, Logan, Remy, Charles Xavier, Henry McCoy, Piotr Rasputin, Tony Stark, Trevor Fitzroy
Chapter ThreeA Sea of Intriguesday 0the patrons at The Black Unicorn have their celebration interrupted by the appearance of a strange man. the situation becomes confusing when Dare escorts him from the place as if she's known him all her life, with no explanation to anyone. speculation runs rampant over who the stranger is and how she knows him. Rosemary's lover, James Howlett, lets the girls in on the strange man's identity, which prompts them to head back to the ship. that's where they find Dare and her mystery man being confronted by Anthony Stark. Dare has her discussion with Stark back at the Black Unicorn, revealing that he is more to her than a supposed lover and that she's in trouble deeper than the sea.Dare, Haley, Morgan, Roxxy, Faye, Logan, Remy, Tony Stark, Bobby Drake
Chapter FourThe Calm Before the Storm days 1 to 5Jehnna wakes in Piotr's bed and spends a little more time with him before she has to return to the ship. once out to see, Morgan watches Remy and considers herself a fool for ever letting Robert Lord on her ship. she hadn't made a big deal over it, though, because she was in no frame of mind to explain the things she knew about Lord. her thoughts turn to Bobby and her relationship with him until she's interrupted by a crewmate who informs her about a coming storm. Remy questions Dare about her life on the seas and how she met the others. the ship is battered by a storm that nearly costs Dare her life, but then salvation comes in the form of a big, burly blonde on a Viking long shipDare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Remy, Piotr, Thor
Chapter Five Thor's Hall days 5 & 6 the crew of The Valkyrie finds themselves safe and warm in Thor's hall. everyone is sleeping, except for Remy, who is thinking over the storm and the familiar faces he keeps seeing. he is pulled from his thoughts by Dare's body against his and the obvious nature of her dreams. in the present, Logan and Dare are in the Professor's office. she's demanding that he do something more to find Remy. Logan is worried that she's growing more unstable with her guilt when she singes the mark of her hand into Xavier's desk, her power keep climbing higher and higher. Haley and Rosemary encounter Thor when they waken in the morning. he offers the girls the use of his bathing house. he interrupts them in the middle of their bath to announce a feast in their honor taking place that evening. Haley is approached by Clint, his intention being to get her alone and ask questions about Dare and Remy for Tony. they head outside to enjoy the night air. Thor confronts Tony about his feelings for Dare, which ends with Thor showing Tony what he would do, were Dare his wench. Dare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Roxxy, Faye, Remy, Thor, Tony, Clint, Charles Xavier, Logan
Chapter SixThe Art of Observation day 6 Rosemary is pondering over the evening's events and other things when she's approached by a member of Stark's crew, Henry McCoy. Remy returns from the privy to find that Dare is gone and engages Jehnna in a short conversation. Thor takes Dare to his private chambers. she tries actively to leave. he thinks their fighting is foreplay. Tony realizes he's drunk off his ass. Steve helps him to bed and ends up acting as Tony's body pillow for the evening. Morgan and Bobby share a bed for the night and Bobby once again asks Morgan to say yes. she tells him no, prompting him to committing himself all the more to wearing her down.Dare, Jehnna, Morgan, Rosemary, Remy, Henry McCoy,  Thor, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bobby Drake
Chapter Seven Past, Present, and Future day 6 abandoned by her shipmates, Jehnna takes a moment to ponder her past. then she's approached by a sweet young man whom she takes with her to bed for a night of uncomplicated passion. Haley and Clint walk the hall's grounds. he asks her about being a pirate, telling her he doesn't believe she's part of the crew. Haley challenges him to a sword fight to prove that she is a pirate. their sword fight eventually turns carnal and they have sex on a bench before retiring to a bedchamber where they make use of the bed within. Steve finds out Tony has wandering hands. Tony wakes with a hangover. Rosemary dreams of things she doesn't understand. Henry wakens her, thinks she might be ill, and goes to seek out a wench for broth. Rosemary ponders her visions and wonders what exactly they all mean. Haley, Jehnna, Roxxy, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Henry McCoy
Chapter Eight Come the Morning Light day 7 Dare dreams of Robert Lord and wakens to Thor. when he suggests they pick up where they left off the night before, Dare tells him she'd had enough and ends up starting a fight with him. the fight spills over into the hallway. Remy disrupts the fight and she leaves with him after delivering one last warning to Thor. Haley wakens to Clint bringing her pleasure. he ruins things by asking her questions about Dare and  Remy. she flees, attempting to get away from him and lick her wounds, but he follows. and she panics. loses control and becomes a living statue where he can see her. Haley hides from him on the ship, afraid of what he must think of her. in the present, Morgan is alone and wallowing in her sadness. she misses Remy but doesn't understand why. Faye confronts her about her feelings, but the talk is put on hold when they see Dare on the lawn, angry and ready to lose control. Logan calms her and takes her back inside. in the past, days go by as the girls and the rest of the crew work to make The Valkyrie sea worthy again. Samuel Lord is given news he's been waiting for for five long years. the location of his brother's murderer.Dare, Haley, Morgan, Faye Remy, Logan, Thor, Samuel Lord
Chapter Nine The Heat of the Moment day 10another feast is being held. Remy is contemplating all that's happened the past few days. his thoughts are brought around to Dare, who is busy glaring at Tony Stark. she picks a fight with him before everyone in the hall. the two battle with swords until Haley breaks them apart. Haley and Dare argue, with Haley threatening to dunk her in the bay to cool her off. she reaches for Dare as if to do just that, but that touch sees the two of them stripping one another down for more carnal pursuits. an orgy ensues as one by one, men and women in the hall fall prey to the lust on the air. in the present, Haley seeks out LoganDare, Haley, Roxxy, Remy, Tony Stark, Bobby Drake,Henry McCoy, Clint Barton, Thor, Steve Rogers, Logan
Chapter Ten Aftermath day 11 the aftermath of the orgy. everyone wakes up in a bedchamber in groups of threes. no one can remember exactly everything that happened and there is speculation that something prompted them to all fall into bed with one anotherDare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Roxxy, Remy, Tony Stark, Henry McCoy, Clint Barton, Bobby Drake, Thor, Steve Rogers,
Chapter Eleven Dirty Little Secrets day 12 Bobby tests the water for Morgan and Jehnna, to see what the other remember about the night before. he finds that no one remembers anything about the orgy.  Remy takes a seat at the tables in the hall that night, tired from working to prep the ship for departure in the morning. after the meal, when Dare has gone to the privy, the doors to the hall open to allow a newcomer into the room. Remy learns the stranger is Samuel Lord, Robert Lord's younger brother, and he's there seeking his brother's murderer. Dare hides upon seeing Lord and falls into memories of her past. she's brought out of them by Tony. they get into a fight that only come to an end when Remy interrupts. he takes Dare with him to the bath house where they make love.Dare, Haley, Remy, Bobby Drake, Thor, Tony Stark, Samuel Lord
Chapter TwelveLeaving days 12, 13 Rosemary heads outside to enjoy the openness of the island one last time before they set sail. she encounters a man who claims to be James' son and realizes that he's responsible for the orgy the night before. when she returns to the hall, she overhears some of Dare's conversation with Stark. when leaving, she finds Clint behind her. Clint joins Haley and tries to tell her about what he's overheard. Haley distracts him by telling him she wants to see him naked and the two spend the night in bed together. Jehnna spends her last hours in the hall breaking her fast and talking to some of the refugee Witchbreed Thor is sheltering. she makes a promise to steal a ship and come get them and take them away to the land where Roxxy comes from, where they can live without fear. when Haley wakes, she thinks about the reason she took to the sea. Clint wakes and asks her to stay with him. Haley is tempted, but ultimately walks away from him.Haley, Jehnna, Roxxy,  Clint Barton
Chapter Thirteen Ghosts of the Past days 13, 30 once out to sea, Dare explains everything to her friends. how she was caught and almost put to death for piracy, how she kept her head on her shoulders, the things she's had to do to stay alive. what she's been ordered to do this time. Remy considers all he's heard on deck, trying to understand everything. Roxxy comes to him and tells him not to judge Dare too harshly. she also tells him she knows he comes from a different time. in the present, Logan is frustrated by Purple team's inability to act as a team. Danger Room sessions are not going well and he has no idea how to get the girls back into action. after a mishap with Dare's powers, he sends the girls to the showers but orders Dare to remain behind. Scott shows up and offers to take Dare on in hand to hand in an effort to help her deal with her growing anger. in the past, the crew of The Valkyrie returns to Kennewycke. Ophelia greets Haley at the Black Unicorn and lets her know that she's got a visitor, then leads her upstairs where Stark is waiting. he asks her to bring Dare to him. she refuses and walks out. on the streets, she is attacked by two strangers. she dispatches one but is injured. she turns to look for the other, but goes to her knees and then help comes from the most unexpected placeDare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Roxxy, Remy, Logan, Scott, Ophelia, Tony Stark, Johnny Storm
Chapter Fourteen Missing day 30, 35 Morgan is ready to put The Valkyrie to sea, but that plan is put on hold when she realizes Haley hasn't returned to the ship yet. when Dare hears that Haley met with Stark, she believe him to have done something with Haley. Haley, caught in a fever, dreams of her brother and Jonathan and Clint. Dare confronts Stark and threatens to set his ship on fire if he doesn't tell her where Haley is. Haley wakens to find herself alone with Johnny, who has been caring for her for nearly a week after she was poisoned. she and Johnny have sex, and he asks her to stay with him. when she says no, he tells her he'll stay with her. the door is kicked in and the rest of the girls pour into the room. before Haley can stop her, Dare launches fireballs at Johnny that hit him square in the chest. surprisingly, Johnny does not die.Dare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Roxxy, Harper, Johnny Storm, Clint Barton,  Tony Stark, Steve Rogers
Chapter Fifteen Little White Lies day 35 Haley explains to the girls who Johnny is. she tells them about her brother. and Johnny explains why he isn't dead from Dare's fire. Dare walks out in the middle of the conversation. Morgan agrees to let Johnny sail with them and the get Haley ready to return to the ship. Remy is walking the streets of Kennewycke, looking for Haley, when he senses Dare nearby. he finds her in an alley, looking pale and unwell. she deflects when he asks questions and tells him they should return to the ship as Haley has been found. they're on their way back to the ship when Dare tenses. Remy sees Warren and Ororo coming their way. Warren calls him Robert Lord, then addresses Dare by another name. she puts on an act and chatter ensues. when Warren asks Robert if he's married Isabell, Remy goes out on a limb and says yes. they go to the Black Unicorn to celebrate. Tony and Clint are on the docks when Haley is returned, carried in Johnny's arms. shortly after, a member of Stark's crew arrives to announce that he heard that Lady Isabell and Robert Lord were married. Dare, Haley, Jehnna, Morgan, Roxxy, Faye, Remy, Johnny Storm, Ororo Monroe, Warren Worthington III, Ophelia, Clint Barton, Tony Stark
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